A fairytale beginning…


A big HELLOLIOUS to all you guys out there!

Minnie Mouse Inspired Look

I am Parames from Singapore! I have always been madly in love with Disney especially Princesses. Ever since young, I had a craze for Disney Princesses dolls, their costumes and styles. You would think that my craze would have died off right?

Tokyo Disneyland Treasures (June 2017)

Cinderella Dream World 

Well, that’s where you may be surprised! My craze turned into a loyal beautiful love story that combines both Princesses and Disney characters now. My passion for Disney can only be explained through my Disney collectable items which I have purchased either online or through my Disneyland travels. I am sure this passion and craze will last for quite a long time:)


Tokyo Disneyland Maze World (June 2017)


Besides, being a Disney fangirl, I have two other loves of my life: FASHION & TRAVEL!

Stay Tuned for my Italy Diaries (Capri, Italy June 2015) 
Stonehenge Mysterious Journey (England, United Kingdom, June 2016)

Colosseum Wonder (Italy, June 2015)


When I wake up every morning, my first thought would be my attire for the day and how to add an edge or create a different style from the previous day. I am not kidding! It’s a real happy problem for me. Haha! But I enjoy putting effort and thought in dressing up as which women would say NO to dressing up and owning the day right?


 Siena, Italy, June 2015

 When In Rome Adventure (Rome, Italy, June 2015)


While I am overseas, I would carefully plan my outfits to suit the activities, place and weather, to create wonderful travel stories without any regret! At the same time, my overseas outfits would be fashionable in my own way and define who I am!


 A Magical World ( Hogwarts Bridge, Harry Potter Studios, London, June 2016)

A Magical World ( Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter Studios, London, June 2016)

 Norway Park (Norway, Dec 2015)

This led me to think why not mix up the 3 loves of my life and start a blog by spreading some positivity through my travel experiences and my spontaneous fashion journey. And BANG! Here my love story unfolds…



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