The Desire to be a Princess in this Modern World!

Who says that a simple next door girl like me cannot dress to express my Confidence and Freedom like the Princesses in Disney movies?


Enter into my magical world where fairytales inspire my passion for fashion. Through my unpredictable fashion sense, I view my life as an exciting fairytale journey where nothing can stop me from wearing what my heart desires. So, in my blog, I will be featuring how you can apply fashion related to the various Disney princesses in your daily lives.



You might be wondering how different my blog is going to be from other Disney fashion blogs? Well, here are the fabulous four uniqueness in my blog!




1) The Disney Princesses will be coming alive with quotes from Disney movies. Wondering what I am talking about? Stay tuned to it:)



2) In my opinion fashion is not only about the attire that you wear but the whole package which includes accessories like jewellery, bags and shoes.

If you want to be inspired to dress stylishly like a Disney Princess for different occasions, your wish is granted as I will be providing tips to your fairytale journey. I will indicate the prices and shops that I purchased the items from, so that if you like a particular style, you can visit the shop for more details. There will also be special looks for some Disney Princesses. Don’t miss it!



3) Besides Disney Princesses’ fashion, occasionally my blog will be about my travel fashion styles which will include the appropriate fashion to flaunt for the specific place and season. There will be a combination of both high fashion and street fashion:)



4) Finally, being a Disney fanatic, I will share my Disneyland travel experiences and what not to be missed when you are there!



Woah! I know you must be wondering that there are lots of things going on in my blog right? Well don’t worry! As a summary, those of you who are die hard Disney fans, there is either the princesses fashion or my Disneyland experiences for you to look forward too. And for those of you who love travelling, I hope my travel diaries will inspire you to explore the world with me!



So, are you ready to follow me on a magical Disney fashion adventure and discover your inner fashion fairytale and travel desires?


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