“Is she the real Alice?” 

“It certainly is, your Queen.”

“Then what are you waiting for? OFF WITH HER HEAD!”

Does this line ring a bell? Yes, it’s none other than the Red Queen’s command to her Knights. And she was referring to Alice’s head!

‘Oh dear, will I be able to escape?’ I thought to myself. Silly me, here’s my story guys!

I, Alice, travelled to Tokyo Disneyland this June 2017, when I heard that Hatter and my friends, Twinnies, Rabbit and Cheshire were captured by the Red Queen and kept captive in her castle. I have never travelled beyond my village and Wonderland of course! But I had to do it to save my precious friends.


Cheshire’s Night Light Parade in Tokyo Disneyland


So, I packed my bags for this adventure which I have no idea how it’s going to end. The White Queen warned me about her sister’s hatred and anger towards me. This made me come up with a brilliant idea. I would dress up as the Red Queen’s loyal friends in her favourite colours and discover where my friends are. I am going to explore the castle in my own ‘Alicely way.’ The once simple Alice trying to be fashionable now to get the Red Queen’s attention:)


My Minnie Mouse Bag:)


Finally, I have arrived in Tokyo Disneyland! I am extremely happy that I am dancing towards the entrance. In my life, I have never been to any Disneyland and this is definitely a treat for me! I had to take a quick picture at the entrance to show the White Queen that I have safely arrived, since she was worried sick about me.


Here I am, White Queen!


And, I must say the entrance has two of my favourite designs’, the castle just below the clock and Mickey Mouse at the top, welcoming us. I already feel that I can find my friends quite easily in Fantasyland:)


Look at the beautiful Castle & Cutie Mickey Mouse:)


Phew what a journey my ‘Bershka’ outfit has gone through. Hehe! I love Bershka as their clothes are simple, reasonably priced and super comfy womfy! I am wearing the red bell sleeves ($25) as I find that these sleeves are trendy right now during the summer season. Also, I feel that these sleeves can be pulled off for both casual and formal occasions.


Red Queen loyal friend’s Fashion:)


I have paired this loose blouse with a tight-fitting black and white bucket skirt ($25) also from Bershka:


Zooming into my Bershka Bucket Skirt!


What I love about this skirt is its cute and has a unique shape like a bucket. I feel that this kind of bucket design skirt would fit any body type. You should try it out and you may never know you might fall head over bucket with it:)

I am hopping that looking at my trendy sleeves and my unique bucket skirt, the Red Queen will invite me into her castle. What do you guys think?

Let’s set off to explore Fantasyland shall we?



“Alice, Alice! Finally you are here!” I heard someone whisper behind me. I turned around and I got a shock! Cheshire, Rabbit and Twinnies were all in the shape of an egg. They could hardly talk loudly.


My poor little friends!


“Why are you guys like that?” I asked them. “The Red Queen wanted entertainment and turned us into eggs. Every morning, she will laugh non-stop at us before eating her breakfast. Please turn us back Alice!”

I pitied them and promised to turn all of them back to their usual self. They told me that Hatter was hidden behind a green door in the Red Queen’s Banquet Hall. I had no idea what they were talking about. But, I have to go and find this hall fast and rescue Hatter!

Grrr…. Suddenly, I am so hungry! I look around Fantasyland to see if I can grab a quick bite while finding this hall.

Boom! I spotted the Red Queen’s Banquet Hall. OMG the entrance is totally COOL and HUGE!


Entrance of the Red Queen’s Banquet Hall:)


The Red Queen formed a ‘M’ with grass and titled it ‘Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.’ I am guessing the ‘M’ stands for ‘Magnificent.’ Haha just a wild guess given her overconfidence nature. I was completely mesmorised by the design! I had to try the food just for the ambience and setting.


Look at the incredible ‘M’ Design!


When I entered the banquet hall, I felt the Red Queen’s presence everywhere! I must say that she loves to be in control and is creative as the floors are of chess designs, her mannequins are her Red Knights and the chairs are of heart and squad designs. I felt like I was in a Disney movie:)

Everything in her banquet was lovely and all about her! Indeed the Queen of Hearts after all!


Leading to the Food Area:)



Wait, I know what you must be thinking! If the ambience is gorgeous, the food may not taste that great right? Well, you are wrong! The western food tasted just as nice.


The trays in which the food was served:)


I ordered three dishes as I was super hungry after thinking so hard where the green door might be. So, I ordered the ‘Half Chicken with Mashed Potato’, ‘Grilled Fish’ and ‘Seafood Platter’ with shrimps, prawns and cuttlefish.


Half Chicken with Mashed Potato
Grilled Fish with Vegetables


Seafood Platter


The whole meal cost around 4000 yen which is about $50. I feel it’s quite reasonable for such good food, interestingly shaped designs and an incredible ambience in a Disneyland.

My personal favourite was the ‘Seafood Platter’ as all the seafood tasted fresh and it was deep fried, just to my liking.


Look at the designs of the seafood:)


Also, the mashed potato has a unique taste and you just got to try it to know what I am talking about. I wanted to order the deserts which were shaped in heart designs but sadly I was full and rather worried that I might take a long time to find Hatter. Maybe the next time when I visit Disneyland with my friends, I will not give the deserts a miss!


Hooray! The Green Door: HATTER I AM COMING!


Okies guys, I have found the green door and I think Hatter should be inside. I am going to begin my endless journey to find him and bring all my friends back home before the Red Queen realizes that they are all missing! Hehe!


Meanwhile, if you visit Tokyo Disneyland, you definitely should pop by the ‘Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.’ You would be stunned by the Red Queen’s influence in the hall and you would love the designs and the food’s taste. Till then, wish me luck to escape back to Wonderland just in TIME for him to stop by for tea!

‘Please do not quote me on the prices as they may change over time. However, the prices listed above are from 2016 to 2017.’

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