Drink Me, Take Me, Save Me?

‘Fantastic Job Alice!’ I thought to myself.

As usual, Alice has proved that she is capable in more than six things before breakfast. One of them is her courage to go all the way to Tokyo Disneyland to save Hatter and the others.(If you don’t know what I am talking about, please read the previous post:) Only she is capable of it and I was very sure of that!

I, the White Queen, received message from Alice that she has safely rescued Hatter and her friends and they were on their way back to Wonderland. Along the way, they came across a gorgeous city and decided to stay some days before returning. When Alice sent word through March Hare, I was relieved that they all escaped from my sister, the Red Queen!



Alice described the city which was as lovely as Wonderland. So, I decided to drop Alice, Hatter and the others a little surprise by visiting them. Shall we swish and swosh guys?

There’s a quick way for me to get to the city, through a secret pathway. Want to make a guess what’s that?



It’s none other than the ‘Invincible Looking Mirror.’

Once I arrived in the city, I began to look high and low for Alice, calling out her name a few times. She was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she is busy listening to Tweedles and Hatter arguing. They can go on all day quarreling with each other. That’s how much they love each other! Haha!



While waiting for Alice, I adjusted my pearly white dress that I got from Osmose ($55) http://www.osmose-stores.com . Of course, it has to be my favourite colour, White, which never fails to give an elegant and queenly style no matter where I am!


Are you puzzled on why I chose this dress? Well, since Alice described this city as a modern place, obviously my long frill dress would make me look out of place. So, to give a cool and modern twist, I decided to wear this dress.



I feel the highlight is the curly mermaid sleeves that makes this off shoulder dress a lot more fashionable then the one I have back in Wonderland. And I am completely heed over heels in love with this unique sleeves that are rather rare to find:) You should ooze by their online shop or visit them on Instagram like I did, sitting on my castle bed. Hehe.



What’s an outfit without the perfect comfortable flats that add a bit of glitter to my plain dress? My shoes are from Pretty Fit http://prettyfit.com.sg/mesh-flat.html ($79.90) and the sparkle jems brighten up my day:) I am so glad that I found such shoes in flats besides the conventional heels that a Queen must always wear. Haha!



“Where are you Alice and Hatter? Why is it so difficult to find you in this small city?” I asked loudly as I sat down and waited patiently. This is the exact place Alice told me in her message. Are they are hiding somewhere and playing with me? Haha why am I not surprised?


Suddenly, I heard someone whisper, “Are you looking for a girl called Alice?”

I looked around and there was no one near me. That’s odd! I am not in Wonderland and I cannot be imagining sounds.

“I am here, you silly woman!”

“ Watch your language please!” I got annoyed with this person.

“I cannot see you at all. Give me some hint where you are?” I told the person.

“ I am among the bushes you are sitting opposite.”

I walked towards the bushes with the whispering sounds.

“ There you are, little one. What’s your name?” I asked the only flower surrounded by the plants.


“ I am Twindle Sunny and I am going to die soon.” I was very shocked when I heard that. Twindle Sunny then told me the whole story of how the Red Queen managed to catch up with Alice and her friends in the city and captured them.

When Twindle Sunny tried to call for help, the Red Queen turned him from a big beautiful sunflower to a tiny flower and cursed him short life. If the curse is not reversed by the Red Queen, he will die soon.



I was very mad and upset when I heard this. I promised Twindle Sunny to find my sister and reverse the curse. However, the problem was how to find my sister in this city. I forgot to bring my wand as I thought that I would just pay a short visit to Alice and go back.



I sat down thinking how I was going to find Alice, Hatter and the others and save Twindle Sunny with so few hours left.

Well, the thing is the ‘Invincible Looking Mirror ‘ connects Wonderland and the city for only 4 hours. If it closes, I will have to wait for another 100 years to get back to Wonderland.

I definitely cannot wait so long to go back to my castle. I got to think fast! Come on Alice, inspire me with your weird and creative ideas!



Amazingly, I had an interesting idea! I know my sister, the Red Queen, as everyone calls her, has a weakness. If she sees any heart shape items, she will pause for a minute and admire its beauty before she reacts to anything she loves or hates. This is exactly what I need!



Whenever I travel, I carry around a heart shaped clutch as a protection if my sister attacks me and I don’t have my wand with me. This heart shaped clutch is from Wish ($38) https://www.wish.com.



I simply adore the poppy pink colour that matches most of my outfits and gives such a cheery side to the entire outfit. My sister would definitely pause to admire its beauty and wonder why she doesn’t like such bright colours.

When she pauses, I can use my limited powers outside Wonderland to trap her before she reacts and curses me, along with the others. Don’t you think this poppy clutch is such a fashion darling?



You musn’t be afraid to sparkle a little with accessories.’ Besides this clutch, I have another powerful magic, my necklace and my bangle. Both of them are from Lovisa. The floral choker is only $7 https://www.lovisa.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=choker


I feel the choker fits the off shoulder look perfectly and has a trendy vibe to it. You can either pair it with a simple outfit or for grand occasions and you are sure to dazzle your way through. What are you waiting for? Quickly fizzle down to any Lovisa stores nearby and grab 3 chokers for $12. I totally feel it’s a great bargain!



Next, my pearl bangle ($28) https://www.lovisa.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=+Pearl+bangle has special magical powers to freeze anyone with its sparkles and mesmorising pureness.

I love that the pearls are beautifully placed in a bangle and it’s so light that I hardly feel it around my waist. I can just wear this alone to make any outfit shimmer and shine.

So, if you are the kind who is lazy to accessorize (like me at times, hehe), I suggest to opt more for such accessories like this bangle as it is easy to put on before leaving home.

Well, they say ‘Accessories are Vitamins in Fashion.’ So, try glamourizing your outfit with accessories sometimes and you may end up boosting with fashion energy. Haha!



With my three accessories, I am ready to set off in my adventure to save Alice and the others before the ‘Invincible Looking Mirror’ closes. I requested the mirror to stay open for me and the others.

“ I will try my best White Queen. But, I only have limited powers to keep it open beyond 4 hours and if it’s gone, the mirror will shut by itself. Please hurry will you?” The ‘Invincible Looking Mirror’ told me.



With that, I look upon the buildings with hope and positivity that everything is going to be fine:)

I always say, “ You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours.” My choice is to bring Alice, Hatter Twindle Sunny and the rest back home before the mirror locks.

Your choice can be to start small by choosing 1 or 2 accessories to style your simple attire today!


‘Please do not quote me on the prices as they may change over time. However, the prices listed above are from 2016 to 2017.’

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