Ready for some ‘Alicely Treats?’

“Hehe, you silly fools! Enjoying your little prison up here with me? I have hidden you so well that no one will ever be able to find you!” The Red Queen teased us.



I, Alice, rescued my friends Hatter and the others from Tokyo Disneyland. We stopped by at this gorgeous city for a few days to celebrate our freedom, but a bird saw us and informed the Red Queen. Before you knew it, the Red Queen and her noisy knights were at our doorstep!

Now, we are trapped in the Red Queen’s items and cannot even run if we want to as she has put a curse on us, like all the others whom she hates. My only hope is that the White Queen will sniff us soon. Guessing where the Red Queen has trapped us in?



Well, she has trapped Hatter and the others in her shiny rose gold crown that she carries around proudly. Ew!

“Hatter, you think you are so smart and skillful since you are so quick in making hats? Then, you shall remain on top of my pretty head and follow me around by giving me some of your wit! HEHEHEHEHE!” The Red Queen told Hatter sarcastically.

“ You will definitely regret this you silly Red Queen! Wait till the White Queen comes and puts you in your position.” Hatter yelled at her.

‘Oh no Hatter, don’t yell at the Red Queen.’ I thought to myself. She is capable of anything.

And I was right! The Red Queen took her finger and tapped on her crown to make Hatter silent. Poor Hatter!

As for me, the Red Queen has trapped me in her box bag so that she can carry me around everywhere. A magician told her that if she traps me in a silehoutte and carries me around with her, my lucky charm will be passed to her and her luck of being Queen again will return very soon. Only I have the power to changer her destiny and become a Queen again!


Obviously, the Red Queen believes the magician and so she has no choice but to make me talk everyday so that my lucky charm will be passed to her through my speech.

But, I refuse to speak as I don’t want her to be Queen again. Can you imagine what cruel things she will do again? So, she wondered how to make me talk.



“Oh dear Alice, are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” The Red Queen looked at me pitifully. ‘Nice try Red Queen. I am not falling for it!’ I thought to myself.



I could see her face becoming redder every minute though she’s not looking at me. Haha! I have not spoken for 2 days and her luck has not been that great. If this continues, the Red Queen might slowly lose her invincible trapping powers that she trapped us with and the White Queen might eventually be able to find us. OMG, just the thought of this idea, put a smile on my face.

“If you don’t talk, I shall talk till you are tired of hearing me Alice. Let’s talk about something common that we ladies love, FASHION!”

“Do you know that Charles & Keith is having a collection about you Alice? It’s always either about you or my little silly sister who gets all the attention!”

The Red Queen whining as usual.


“ But, I did find some things I liked from your collection.”

I was shocked when I heard that. The Red Queen actually likes things about me?

“ I simply adore this black boxy bag ($69.90) from Charles & Keith: . This bag features you, Alice, as a silhouette when you first landed in Wonderland. It is exactly how you fell into the hole going round and round non-stop. So whenever I carry this, I always feel that you are with me no matter where I go!”



Actually, the Red Queen has a point. The boxy bag is indeed quirky and defines my curious personality in Wonderland which made me discover magical friends and memorable memories. I would prefer carrying the bag as a clutch given the boxy shape which might be too bulky if I carry it crossbody. You may want to try and let me know if carrying it as a sling bag is better:) Are you excited to enter ‘Bag Wonderland’ to shop interesting bags from my collection?



“Alice, distracted by the bag huh? Do you know I just found out that my sister, your White Queen, has found out where you guys are from Twindle Sunny!” (Wondering who is Twindle Sunny, please read the previous post.)

I was so happy when I heard that. I hope she comes quickly to rescue and bring us back. I truly miss Wonderland so much now after recalling how I fell into it by mistake.

“I am going to prepare for my little sister’s arrival!” The Red Queen got up and walked towards her hidden castle among the bushes.



As she was walking, she kept looking down at her shoes and smirking.

“Oh, what pretty pointed slingback pumps ($59.90) you are! I am so glad that I made my knights get you from Charles & Keith: . My best treasure so far! I shall name you the ‘Red Queen’s Cushies’ as you are so comfortable to walk in that I can forget about heels for some time!” The Red Queen was happily chatting with her sandals as if it could speak back to her. Hehe!

I looked at her flats and true enough, they are rather creative and special with the heart shaped heels, that screams the Red Queen’s love for heart shapes. A craze that till today I cannot understand!



The highlight of this pair is the black and red combination which gives an adventurous trait to any outfit. Instead of the common black heels that we see around, the red heels adds an extra sexy edge to these flats.



They are indeed ladylike as I can see the Red Queen skipping up the hill with them and not complaining of aching feet.





Suddenly, the Red Queen stopped going towards her hidden castle and kneeled down on the hill.



“ If your White Queen tries anything funny with me and my knights, I have something more powerful than her. YOU GUYS! HEHEHE! I will use my crown and bag to protect myself from her magical spells.”



We were speechless when we heard that. So, we have to quickly plan how to get the White Queen’s attention not to attack the crown and bag, for us to get out alive from here!



Meanwhile, I hope you guys hurry down to any Charles and Keith stores nearby you, and get lost looking at my curiously designed bags and shoes for both women and children! Get Ready to be Spoilt in Wonderland!


‘Please do not quote me on the prices as they may change over time. However, the prices listed above are from 2016 to 2017.’

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