Minnie on a Break?

“It’s a joy to entertain humans especially kids and take pics with them. But a vacation would be such a fantastic idea!” I thought as I sat while kids were admiring me.

Oh of course, where is my manners?

Bonjour, I am Minnie here:) I know you are probably expecting a Disney Princess. I figured that I should pop by once in a while to remind everyone that I am as popular as the pretty Disney Princesses! Haha!



“There, there. Don’t worry Minnie, I will make your wish come true!”

I quickly turned around when I heard that voice. It was a gorgeous lady in white. “ Aren’t you a Fairy God Mother?” I asked her in shock.

“ That’s absolutely correct, my dear Minnie.”

“ But fairy god mothers are only for Disney Princesses?” I was very certain of that.

“ Whooo, Minnie you are rather funny! Fairy God Mothers appear to anyone with wishes that are sincere from their heart. And I know that you have been wanting to go on a vacation for a really long time.”

Once I heard that, I blushed and told Fairy God Mother that I just needed a little break from all the attention in New York Fashion Week and Disneyland. She agreed to my wish on one condition. To send me as a Human in my vacation! How is that even possible? Ah wells, Fairy God Mothers always have a way don’t they?



I hurried back to my room to pack for my holiday. Finally, I am going somewhere to chill and relax. Just the thought of it made me jump around. However, Mickey was going to be home late today and Fairy God Mother only gave me a bit of time to pack before she will appear again.


It’s okies! I will write a note to Mickey to let him know that I am going on a vacation for a few days. While writing the note, I realise how much I am going to miss Mickey. So, I am going to bring some of his things with me, to keep him close to me!

“Whooo, Minnie are you ready for your tinnie whinnie break?” Fairy God Mother suddenly appeared from nowhere in my room.

“You bet I am!” I took my things and got ready for my wish to come true. Before I knew it, I was floating and landed in a lounge. I have no idea which country I am in but I am definitely in a hotel! Hehe!



I looked at myself and true enough, Fairy God Mother has changed me into a human. Now, no one will recognize me as Minnie and I can have a quiet, relaxing and enjoyable holiday:)



Thank you Fairy God Mother! She said whenever some light is shinning on me, she’s there to check on me and see if I’m alright. How sweet of her:)

The first thing I checked was my Mickey bag as my journey was so fast, I was worried I might have dropped it.


Don’t you think this bag is one of a kind? It’s from Typo ($30) http://typo.com/UK/search?region=UK&q=mickey and I adore the pastal pink colour which is rather rare in Mickey design bags.



Next, the size of this bag is just right for me to carry it around when I am exploring places. I feel that instead of the normal big bag that we carry, at times small back bags like these are adorable and easier to carry around by putting a few important things.



Not to mention, the mickey zips at the side of the bag which really gives a Disney feel to this fashionable bag:)


So, don’t forget to enter the ‘Mickey Heaven’ collection at Typo soon that features Mickey bags, stationeries and lights to add on to your never ending Mickey display at home! (You can check out my insta video on Mickey Typo stuff!)

Since Fairy God Mother rushed me, I packed only a few clothes for my vacation and one of it is my favourite outfit that I have been wanting to wear!



Presenting to you, my colourful Minnie shirt that I got from Cotton on ($20) https://cottonon.com/SG/ for a super reasonable price. I have seen lots of Mickey and Minnie shirts from Cotton on but my eyes went straight for this as I love how the design is colourful which makes me look vibrant:)



You can either wear it as sleeveless or with a jacket. I prefer to wear it with a jacket but I didn’t want the normal staple colour jacket. So, I spiced things up a bit by choosing a jacket with floral prints, also from Cotton on ($60) https://cottonon.com/SG/candice-blouson-sleeve-bomber-jacket/2001730-02.html?dwvar_2001730-02_color=2001730-02&cgid=#q=floral%2Bjacket&lang=zh_SG&start=2,that matches my shirt rather well.



I feel prints are always in fashion and at times wearing prints brightens my attire and makes it look interesting. This jacket especially makes me look cool and maintains my ladylike fashion:)

Are you eyeing my bohemian white jeans that pairs off rather stylishly with my Minnie top and floral jacket?



Well, well! The design is unique right? This white jeans is from Desigual ($100) http://www.desigual.com/en_SG/women/clothing/denim/prod-dreams_5-72D2WC4 and has a casual vibe. I love how the tribal gold designs makes it bohemian and reminds me about Princess Jasmine’s fashion! Haha! Oh I miss her so much already!



If you are a tribal and bohemian lover, I suggest waste no more time and hurry down to any Desigual stores to get some such design dresses, tops or jeans and maybe you will be reminded of Princess Jasmine too! Hehe:)



What’s an attire without an amazing pair of shoes to finish the whole look?

My shoes has to be about me, Minnie, and so I immediately grabbed this pair from Jelly Bunny ($52) https://www.jellybunny.com/copy-of-shoes-1 which is running out fast due to its comfy and pretty design:)



I feel that the highlight of this pair is how perfectly the pastal blue colour matches with the super gorgeous ribbon, which is a statement piece of me, Minnie! It has such a cute design that anyone would fall in love with it, don’t you think?



Wait till you see the inner sole of this pair! It has my design drawn beautifully on it, that even makes me smile and go aww…



Haha! If you are looking for reasonably priced Disney shoes, you can zoom to Jelly Bunny as they have Disney collaborations at times and now they have a Mickey and Minnie collection (View my insta video). I’m sure you will faint when you see their designs. Hehe!

Phew! After going round the lobby of the hotel, I think I need to chill a bit. I went back to my hotel room and relaxed on the sofa.



It’s so nice to get some free time for yourself isn’t it? Still, I don’t want to waste all my holiday time just chilling in the hotel. Fairy God Mother asked me to choose a place to tour. Where do you think I shall go?



I know! I know! I have always wanted to go to Mickey’s Toonhouse! You see, since I am Minnie, I only go to my Toonhouse in Disneylands to entertain my fans.



I have never really gotten a chance to visit my darling, Mickey’s Toonhouse in Tokyo Disneyland. So, I whispered under my breath to Fairy God Mother my holiday place and within seconds, guess where I was?



Mickey’s Toonhouse in Tokyo Disneyland!

It’s such a delight to visit Mickey’s house without people squeezing me or asking for my attention for once. Hah, now I have the whole time to explore my darling’s house.

Of course, I have to take a nice picture in one of Mickey’s favourite sofa that he always talks about. I must say that his sofa is rather comfortable and I can sit on it all day long! Hehe!



Next, I went to his kitchen, where he never cooks and so it is very clean. Oh Mickey, what would you do without me? I wondered as I knew Mickey needs me to always make a snack for him now and then. I saw how gorgeous our tea table was and I had to pretend that I am having tea with Mickey. Once I go back, I need to make a nice cup of peppermint tea and enjoy our tea time together:)



When you are in a Disneyland and hungry, the snacks will certainly be a treat! Since, ice creams in Disneylands are special as they are designed in Mickey shapes, I am going to grab as many of them to eat. Hehe! Then, I will show Mickey his popularity even in food:)

Knowing my love for ice creams, I first ate the ‘Mickey Sandwich’ ice cream. It was yummy as the vanilla ice cream complemented the chocolate biscuit, in the shape of Mickey’s face, very well. However, I could only have one of it as I wanted to try the other ice cream flavours as well.



My personal favourite is the ‘Mickey Tropical Fruit’ ice cream. It has two fruit flavours, pineapple and mango combined together. It was definitely an awesome buy as it quenched my thirst immediately and was super cooling for the hot weather in Tokyo!


If you guys visit Tokyo Disneyland, the ‘Mickey Ice creams’ are the must-have snack experience to make you icy Mickey cool:)



On top of Mickey ice creams, there are also ‘Alien Dumplings.’ Remember the cute aliens that appear in ‘Toy story?’ Haha they are in the form of ice cream flavours as well. They are uniquely packaged that even I wanted to try them.



They come in a set of three and have strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours. Personally, I am a chocolate lover so obviously I am biased towards the chocolate side. Hehe! If you want to have a small snack to save your tummy for more desserts, these ‘Alien Dumplings’ are a fabulous choice!



Now, I better hurry to visit other parts of Tokoyo Disneyland.



Till then, cherish all the minnie breaks you have and recharge yourself to explore the ‘Whole New World’ out there! Guessing which Disney Princess is coming your way in 3 weeks time? Haha hope you have some idea from my blog hints:)


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