Fairy Dusting your Day!

Shall I throw some pixie dust on you? I thought while walking around.


Hiyoh, nice to meet you. I’m Tinkerbell! You see in Neverland, there’s not a day that’s not extraordinary. But on Earth, I’ve heard that humans usually have normal days the whole year round. How’s that even possible?

Fret not! I’m going to change your ordinary days into extraordinary ones in just Four Pixie Dusts:)


The First Pixie Dust is to ‘Jewel Away.’



Jewellery is one way to make a simple outfit shine. Choosing the right jewellery to style the look you’re going for that day might be difficult. I’ll share with you how easy it can be!



I’ve picked a big hoop earring while matching it with a simple small necklace as I wanted the earring to be the center of attention. There’s something unique about this jewellery. Can you figure it?



Hehe! It’s Tinkerbell themed:) If you look closely at my earrings, Twinkerbell is resting at the centre and she’s ready to fly in my necklace. Here’s how you can add a touch of Disney Magic in your daily attire.



My Earrings and Necklace are from Disney Couture https://www.couturekingdom.com/collections/tinkerbell?page=1 and they have lots of Disney characters’ jewellery which you’ll fall in love with. Quickly check them out and dazzle in your favourite Disney Jewellery:)



The Second Pixie Dust is to ‘Swriel in Printy Dress.’

Plain coloured dresses can be a bit mundane at times. So, why not add some magic into your life by choosing dresses with prints?



I feel printy dresses have a way of brightening your day up and what more if the dress has your favourite Disney characters, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! You have nothing to worry about then. Your day would surely be magical and amazing!



This purchase from Cathkidston https://www.cathkidston.com/disney/disney-viewall/list?ctry=GB has got to be my treasure as the prints in this dress are unique and I can see myself wearing this dress many times as I simply adore it.



Meanwhile, do fly over to Cathkidston and treat yourself to some Disney statement Dresses this Christmas:)



The Third Pixie Dust is to ‘Magic your Bag.’

For a printy dress, many of us would go for a plain black, white or brown bag.

However, I prefer to carry something different that adds further magic to my printy dress which is the Cathkidston white sling bag https://www.cathkidston.com/disney/disney-bags/list?ctry=GB. I’ve chosen white as I feel it’s a neutral colour to balance the blue and green tones in the dress.



I find this bag extremely adorable and just right to carry my handphone, purse and lipstick (some few things that a lady needs! Hehe!).



You would probably be in Neverland forever as you would never stop getting Cathkidston Tinkerbell and Peter Pan bags. They have a huge range from wallets, purses, sling bags to tote bags. So, hurry step into this Neverland before it’s gone!

The Fourth Pixie Dust is to ‘Pop some Fun Shoes.’

Shoes can either make or break your day. What more, slipping into a pair of fun and unpredictable shoes can transform your day into a cheerful one.



To add a bit of fun to my shoes, I am wearing Tinkerbell design pumps from Love trendify (@lovetrendify) https://www.lovetrendify.com I have a craze for shoes that are uniquely designed and Disney themed which are not that easy to get.



However, Love trendify makes my worries go away by having numerous Disney themed pumps and heels like these Tinkerbell ones, for reasonable prices. I feel my Tinkerbell pumps are super versatile as I can use it for both jeans attire or dresses and they are comfy womfy!



If you wish for your favourite Disney characters to follow and inspire you all day, head down to Love trendify (@lovetrendify) and I’m sure your wishes will come true with their impressive range of Disney shoes:)



Oh, Chief Fairy is calling me back. Neverland needs me, I need to go! I hope my four Pixie Dusts transforms your days into Magical ones. Remember always have Happy Thoughts and Magic will follow you everywhere:)


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