A Whole New Adventure!

Stuck all day in the Palace as a Princess can be very boring! How shall I escape for a few hours to explore the world out there?

I know! I know! I quickly rushed to my cupboard and took out something extremely precious to me. I held it up, rubbed it and said aloud, “I, Princess Jasmine of Agrabah, command you to take me to a New World for a few hours!”



Of course, my Genie can always be trusted. Suddenly, I am standing before a colourful gorgeous building. I am clueless to where I am, but that’s the fun part! I patted the lamp gently to know how proud I am of Genie, before putting it safely away.



While travelling, Genie was telling me Aladdin bought me more jewellery from my favourite shops. I cannot stop thinking how lucky I am to have Aladdin who never stops thinking of me:)

The jewellery I am wearing now is also a gift from my darling Aladdin from his many travels! My personal favourite is the Head Chain from Lovisa($30) https://www.lovisa.com/collections/by-category/headpieces . I feel that it gives an Arabian look and is a perfect match for modern dresses.

So, for those of you out there who cannot find Jasmine headbands, this head chain is a good alternative for Jasmine inspired looks. Lovisa has a wide range of head chains for you to drool over:)



Lovisa ($25) https://www.lovisa.com/collections/by-category/wristwear/silver-zig-zag-cuff-bracelet also has gold bangles for your attire to stand out. I must say Aladdin has gold taste in choosing bangles for me as it is so light that I can hardly feel like I am wearing it. This is what I like about Lovisa, they have light accessories that keeps me want to wear them more!

 If you are looking for light accessories, Lovisa is where you can stop by and satisfy your cravings! Hehe!



Oh, wait there won’t you. Aladdin has introduced me to another jewellery shop, Elitrend. When Aladdin showed me this necklace from Elitrend($14.90) http://www.elitrend.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?p=2&q=gold+necklace I was speechless as I couldn’t believe that such a simple necklace still looks royal! I feel that Elitrend has simple accessories for reasonable prices. You should zoom there and maybe you can find royal accessories too:)



Look! Who’s there dancing around, breathing in her new found freedom, away from the palace and begin a princess for once! It’s me!



Then, I realise, hey this dress is totally suitable to dance and hop around in:) Hehe! I have a confession! I got this long green dress from Love and Bravery($39.90) http://loveandbravery.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=green%20dress as it’s simple and I wanted a change from the top and baggy pants I always wear. I mean I love that attire but sometimes I like things to be different.



Wearing something different really changes your perspective on how you view things. Don’t you think so? What more, the length of this dress gives a princessy vibe and that’s how I convinced my parents to wear this in the Palace:)



If you are a crazy lover for long simple dresses like me, you got to rub your phone and check out Love and Bravery online which will definitely take you to a whole new Shopping World just by lying down on your comfory throne:)

Alrighty! Shall we get back to my adventure? In my life, I have only seen golden windows and never colourful windows. This is a nice change! Since I couldn’t reach the higher colourful windows, I climbed the lower ones to explore.



Genie was telling me that he wanted to see this New World with me but he didn’t want to get out of the lamp, fearing that people might find him strange. So, I held the lamp in my hand for him to join me in my mini adventure.

I could hear him laughing and making fun of some things that he saw. Genie, Genie! Haha! I blew a few times to ask him to stop laughing so much, but I guess he was having too much of fun.


Suddenly, I feel some vibration on the ground. What’s going on? I thought as I looked around. I didn’t rub my lamp at all. Even Genie was shocked and didn’t know What’s happeninnnnnng?



To be Continued!

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