Where am I? Why am I dressed like this?



I turned behind and saw a rather modern forest. It looked so familiar yet I couldn’t recall where I saw it! I looked down at myself and my whole attire has changed! I kinda like my new look though:)



This mint dress is from Love and Bravery ($29.90) http://loveandbravery.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=green%20dress. Unlike the normal sleeveless dresses, at the side of this dress, you can tie a ribbon. The ribbons enhances the beauty of this dress, making it fashionable and graceful.



I like how this dress has two designs, lace and plain solid colour which can be worn on casual dinners and formal parties. Why not try adding lots of style to your fashion this festive season with such dual design dresses from Love and Bravery?



While I was admiring my dress, something caught my attention…

Interestingly, Magic Carpet was right in front of me! What would I fall in love with, this time?



Well, there’s only one way to find out. I stepped into the carpet with excitement to go on another incredible journey!



Once I sat on it, Magic Carpet took off immediately. I came across many amazing sights. This is certainly a NEW FAIRYLAND for me!



The Stars and Moon were smiling at my Earrings from Lovisa ($20) https://www.lovisa.com/catalog/product/view/id/1254/s/gold-celestial-moon-earring/category/1674/ that are shaped just like them, but in gold.




I can never resist any Galaxy accessories! Coz my dream is to go outer space and I feel like I’m there whenever I wear my Star and Moon earrings. So, if you’re a Galaxy lover, you know where to find your Galaxy world, Lovisa!



What I couldn’t believe was a Palace in between the Stars and Moon.



‘Do real people live here?’ I asked myself loudly.

‘Yes, your Highness and it’s you living in this Palace!’

I was puzzled when I heard this answer. Who do you think was talking to me?

Haha! It’s the Magic Carpet! I got excited and told it to take me to more places.

‘These places are really incredible. Which country are they from?’

Magic Carpet was shock to hear my question.

‘You mean you don’t know where you are, your Highness?’

‘Nopes, that’s why I’m asking you Carpetty.’

Magic Carpet chuckled and told me we were in year 2037 in Agrabah. I was surprised and asked how did I land up here?



We guessed that I had travelled through time to probably see how great Agrabah was going to be, during my rule. And I must say, I’m pretty proud of bringing the kingdom to amazing heights!



‘It’s your confidence and generosity that brought Agrabah to great heights. That’s why you are wearing your face shaped bag around you.’


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Magic Carpet told me that the Jasmine bag from Danielle Nicole ($68) https://shop.danielle-nicole.com/collections/disney-dn/products/jasmine-crossbody is the latest fashion trend for Jasmine fans to be inspired by her confidence and give what they can with all their heart. I was very touched and happy that I, Princess Jasmine, can influence people:)



Even I am WOWING over this super pretty sling bag which is the perfect size to carry on a long adventure. Hehe! Of course, I cannot ignore how beautifully Jasmine’s face has been designed to remind her fans, she’s always there with them:)



Jasmine lovers, here’s a chance for you to hurry to Danielle Nicole as they just released the latest Aladdin’s collection with more gorgeous bags of the different characters. Please share with me your magical experience there, won’t you:)



Finally, I recalled what might have made me time travel. One morning, I was walking with my dad through the forest and I told him I wasn’t confident of ruling Agrabah. My dad reassured me that I would only bring success to this kingdom. I wasn’t convinced by him and I may have spoken to Genie about it.

Ahhh… my precious darling Genie! He must have been the one who brought me here. But, where is he?



Magic Carpet pointed to me Genie’s place and I walked there. When I was getting out, I couldn’t help but notice my shoes which are rather different from what I used to wear.

My, my, more pleasant fashion surprises!



Instead of normal black heels, I feel these Pointy Pokka dots heels from Charles and Keith ($55) http://www.charleskeith.com/sg/catalogsearch/result/?q=pointy+heels adds a bit of glamour and flair to my outfit. They’ve a cute boxy bag to go along with these Pokka dots heels:) Not forgetting the heels which has an extra edge from the normal flats that I wear. At times, putting on some heels can be exciting:)



If you’re the sort that needs a bit of change from your routine shoe fashion, Charles and Keith latest Pointy Heels is your WORLD TO EXPLORE! (Some videos from their latest Christmas collection coming up soon in my insta!)



Guess what! Genie has been promoted 20 years later to a big lamp! I’m so delighted to see Genie and I had to touch the lamp to thank him. Genie has special powers to grant anyone their wishes as long as they touch the lamp. Wow! This is really a huge power step up for Genie!



‘Hey Princess Jasmine, surprised to see yourself 20 years later? You must have confidence in yourself! You’ll make a gorgeous and great Queen to your people.’ Genie yelled at me.



Genie reminded me of Aladdin’s quote, ‘What they think, doesn’t matter. It’s what you think that matters!’ This is so true! I’ve never believed in myself and swim in others’ opinions about my talents. It’s time to step up, believe in myself and I’ll be unstoppable. Don’t give anyone the reason to put you down!



‘Before you go, I have one more surprise for you Princess Jasmine! You’ve always wanted to visit somewhere beyond Agrabah right?’



Oh, no more surprises Genie. I’m very contended with my new adventure today….



Genie didn’t listen to me! Magic Carpet is flying off again.

‘Time to have some fun in Europe!’ Magic Carpet winked at me.

Special thanks to Philatelic Museum for the photo shoot:)

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