Three Mystical Christmas!

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the Wishes…



My most favourite season of the year is Christmas! It’s the most celebrated and the biggest hype for all of us:)



No matter which part of the world we’re in, Christmas is one festive that brings us together. The belief in Magical Moments and the joy of giving and receiving is truly fascinating:)



I’ve have always been a fan of Christmas and feel so much of joy when I see Santa’s sledge, listen to Christmas Carols, build a Snowman, eat Gingerbread man and the unforgettable tradition of setting up the Christmas tree, which is the best part for me!






However, the bewitching tradition of Christmas is people’s amazement when they unwrap their gifts:)



I’m sure you’re in the midst of figuring out how to do your Christmas shopping and please your loved ones with their magical gifts. So, I’m here to help you get started on this Mystical Journey…



Enchanting List

Buying gifts for people is never an easy task! In order not to be overwhelmed, take out your exciting notebook and list down:

(1) Names of people

(2) Your budget

(3) Proposed gifts for each person



You might be wondering with the advanced technology, why trouble yourself with the traditional method of writing on a notebook? Well, Christmas is all about traditions aren’t they?




I still prefer the traditional method of listing in my Cinderella notebook which makes planning a little more Magical & Fun:)



If you’re the kind who don’t like planning, head down to your favourite or nice spot that’s Christmassy to get you into the mood for shopping this festive period.



Personally, I like to go Starbucks for my yummylicious Christmas drink, Peppermint Mocha! With that, I feel I can conquer the world, so what’s the hustle in planning an enchanting Christmas list?



Try it and you’ll know the fun you’re missing when planning your Enchanting List:) 



Fantasizing Chocolics



Would anyone say NO to chocolates during the happiest time of the year?



One thing I really love during Christmas are the cutely shaped Santa Claus, Snowman and Snowflakes chocolates:)




What more when the packaging calls to you in the form of adorable Christmas trees, Gingerbread Man and Santa Claus! It’s too hard to resist right?





Haha! Being a chocolate addict, I feel like I’m in Fantasy World whenever I eat these Christmassy sweets! Only at this time of the year, can you get to taste Santa Claus, Snowman, Gingerbread Man and many other Christmas characters:)




Sometimes, you may have trouble finding gifts for some people though you have looked all around.

Just a little tip, Christmas Chocolates will never go wrong! They can also use the gorgeous boxes to store their items after enjoying the sinful desserts!






Take the Magical chance to fantasize these super yummy and lovable chocolates with your loved ones this Christmas won’t you!



Wizardly Wrappers

I like to add a personal touch to the presents I get for my loved ones by wrapping it myself. It may seem endless and sometimes exhausting to wrap so many gifts all by yourself!



Yet, wrapping can be wizardly when Disney joins you:)



For all the Disney Fanatics out there, Typo has the amazing Disney Wrappers’ collections of Star Wars and Mickey & Minnie. I was over the moon when I saw them and now wrapping presents has become my hobby! Hehe!





Here’s how you can enjoy wrapping preferably in the night; Have your hot chocolate; Put on some fancy Christmas music or Christmas Hallmark movies (I’m a crazy fan of such holiday movies!)



Even if you’re not a good wrapper, your loved ones will feel very touched that you went the extra magical step to wrap the gifts yourself:)

Most importantly, Jingle some Fun into your Christmas shopping!



Slot in some enjoyable moments for yourself by taking crazy shots with Christmas decorations and having your delicious Starbucks or Coffee bean Christmas drinks.





Get yourself fully socked into the true Christmas spirit for it’s the most joyous time of the year:)



MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you Lovies:)

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