Dress like you are always the Guest!

Phew! Here I am, Belle, extremely bloated after a delicious lunch with Lumiere and Cogsworth, serving and entertaining me in their beautiful voices. Mrs Potts was trying her best to give me hot yummy tea which turned out to be cold and tasteless. Haha!



Yet, I am still craving for some peach tea. Since, the Beast is not around, I am going to use this chance to go to the city and chill with some nice tea. Shhh… please don’t tell Mrs Potts will you?



While I am getting ready, I am humming the song Lumiere sang earlier on during lunch, ‘Be our Guest!’ His songs can be addictive at times. Suddenly, I have a thought. ‘Why should I not dress like a guest wherever I go?’

To be in tuned with the sunny weather, a bright and royal colour would be nice right?:)

I have put together a modern day Princess Belle’s look below so that I’m always with you wherever you go…

This dress is from Mango($60) http://shop.mango.com/SG/woman/sale.



The texture of this dress is soft and silky that makes it extremely comfortable to wear, given the humid weather nowadays. It’s flowy at the bottom and I cannot stop myself from spinning around in this super comfy dress! I’m excited that I have some free time to myself.



Not that I don’t enjoy spending time with the Beast and my friends in the castle, but sometimes you do need some time to relax and slow down from all the nonstop drama! What’s a better time than now for me where I can dance my way to chill in my favourite place:)


Not forgetting, the dress’s shiny yellow material as it gives me a royal and perky vibe! I can wear it for a semi-casual look from work to meeting my friends in the afternoon for coffee or tea. I feel the exhilarating yellow colour shoots up my confidence like the runway models:)



Isn’t it wonderful that a simple dress like this can be worn for the whole day regardless of where you are heading to? Hehe!

Now, you must be thinking how it’s possible for me to dance and spin my way through without feeling any pain in my leg?



Well, that’s because I have chosen to wear the limited edition ‘Jelly Bunny’ Beauty and the Beast navy blue heels($52) https://www.jellybunny.com/copy-of-shoes-1 . I feel heels especially from Jelly Bunny hardly gives me blisters or makes my feet tired. Instead, I feel confident and light while walking in their heels like now, I am enjoying every moment being in it:)



I’m very delighted with the details of this shoe as it represents the most important tale that binds the Beast and me, Belle, which is the gold shiny rose at the top of the shoe. There are unique designs in the sole of the shoes as one side, there is the rose design and on the other side is the design of myself, Belle!



I also feel the navy blue gives a cool neutral tone and matches my bright yellow dress. Don’t you think my statement shoes are totally worth it and once in a lifetime purchase?



After the burst of energy and excitement, I really need a cold and yummy cup of peach tea. Let’s have a quick tea break before we continue!



I ordered a Snapple peach tea for myself and I must say it immediately quenched my thirst in this super warm day. I wanted to drink it in one gulp but I want to enjoy my ‘Melicious Time’ as finally I can sit back, relax and think about the happy moments 🙂



I recall the snow fights that the Beast and I had where I would aim hard throws at him while he would be gentle enough and aim soft throws at me and dinner times where he would make an effort to eat in a civilised manner by using his utensils and not his fur. Hahaha tat’s quite a pleasant sight!



I have realised how far the Beast and I have come along from scary encounters to endearing moments. I am extremely thankful that the Beast and I have come closer now and I really hope one day he would share with me his deepest darkest secret. I will wait patiently for that one day:)



Okies, enough fun facts about the Beast and myself. Shall we head out for more fashion suntan?

Zooming into the accessories, I have paired this look with a mint rose belt ($10) from ‘Something Different’ for a poppy look. I love adding bright coloured accessories to my outfit given my bubbly personality. I feel with poppy accessories, it brightens up your day and increases your confidence to look exceptionally good. So, why not give poppy colours some chance to boost your confidence today?



This is the moment I have been waiting for! The speciality of this look are my accessories from Disney Couture UK http://www.couturekingdom.co.uk/disney-theme/beauty-the-beast .

Once I set my eyes on these gorgeous Beauty and the Beast collection of Belle’s Rose Hoop Earrings ($45) http://www.couturekingdom.co.uk/disney-beauty-the-beast-white-gold-plated-belle-s-rose-hoop-earrings.html



And Red Rose Bangle($60) http://www.couturekingdom.co.uk/disney-beauty-the-beast-white-gold-plated-enchanted-red-rose-bangle.html , I knew immediately it is a treasure and I had to get it!



Though it may seem expensive, based on my experience, their accessories are of good quality and classy. You really pay for the magnificent workmanship and fast shipping.

So, those Disney fans out there, if you are looking for Disney accessories, you should totally check out this amazing website and I’m sure you will not regret your choice as I did not regret mine at all! And I am still getting items from them! Let it be our secret and not tell the Beast about it yeah:)

Since, I keep emphasising about ‘Melicious Time’ that is precious, what more to ask ‘Cogsworth’ to accompany and provide some magical moments to you?



By carrying him around, I’m reminded to allocate some time for myself to stop, breathe, relax and recharge before getting back into this fast paced world!




Try this ‘Melicious Time’ and I’m sure you will see magic in this as I do. As of now, if you love this crossbody sling bag, check out Daniel Nicole($68) https://shop.danielle-nicole.com/collections/disney-dn for more stunning Disney bags!



Remember to always dress like you are the guest wherever you go to show your confidence in fashion! I have to tell a quick bye as I have come up with another brilliant idea which is to sneak out of the castle to visit my dad in the village. I miss him so much! Will the Beast discover my disappearance and get mad? You got to wait for my next post to find out! Till then, Au revoir!

Pics Special Credit to: @ad1_sufyan; Check out his amazing Japan Pics:  www.thetravelsketchbook.com/

‘Please do not quote me on the prices as they may change over time. However, the prices listed above are from 2016 to 2017.’

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