Winterland Fashion Diaries Vol 1!

Dear Magic Carpet,

‘Where are we going now?’ I asked loudly!

‘Well Princess Jasmine, we’re travelling to an interesting New World, something that you’ve never seen before in your life! We’re going to visit some places in Europe!’

Oh my, can you imagine my excitement and happiness when I heard that? Time to have some real fun yeah:)

Oooooo…. What a Zoomyyyyy fast paced ride that was!



Our first stop was Switzerland.

I was speechless when I saw its beauty! I’ve been so used to sand and dessert. When I saw Snow, I started running around like a small kid. Even Magic Carpet was laughing at me. Hehe!



Though it was freezing, my Gryffindor scarf from Truffleshuffle ($30) made me enjoy the snow.



I’m glad that I got the scarf as its colour combination complements my jacket. It also looks like I’m a Hogwarts student on a Magical adventure:)



Want Hogwarts to be nearby you? Take the online Hogwarts ¾ train to Truffleshuffle now and you’ll be amazed with their Harry Potter Fashion Zone!

Suddenly, I heard the roar of water crashing through the rocks. I went towards the sound and to my surprise, I saw the most gorgeous Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen.



Magic Carpet told me it’s the largest waterfall in Europe! The sound of the Rhine Falls calmed me down as I followed the waterfall to the lake and the river.



While walking, I chanced upon a small quiet town called Rathausplatz. The buildings were covered with colourful mural designs which were pleasing to the eyes. Seeing the small town with friendly people was certainly a delight for me:)

Rathausplatz reminded me of a small Castle town that people would live in the past. What better time than now to pose for a quick picture showing my Disney Castle pullover from Truffleshuffle($60.00)



Being someone who loves colours, I feel this purple pullover is unique instead of other pullovers which are usually in monochrome colours. That’s what I adore about this pullover and of course the Castle design which makes me feel like a Princess wherever I go!



For this Winter season, pullovers are always the perfect choice! Get spoiled with Truffleshuffle’s endless Disney pullover range to keep yourself warm:)

“ Princess Jasmine, do you want to see more snow?” Magic Carpet winked at me.

‘Do you want to build a Snowman?’… I’m sure most of us would be dying to do so!



I’ve got my chance playing with Snow at Mt Titlis by taking the world’s first revolving cable car. Magic Carpet wanted me to have the full experience and threw me off at the entrance of the cable car!



I did have a fun time going up the cable car and seeing stacks and stacks of Snow. I wanted to build a Snowman in the mountain but it was freezing for me. I was only able to take some Snow and throw it around. Hehe! Still I can go back to my Palace and tell everyone about my Snowy encounter:)




The Snow gave me such a Christmassy feeling:) What a coincidence!

My ‘Little Miss Christmas’ pullover from Truffleshuffle($60.00) put me in a mood to sing Jingle Bells as I was playing with Snow.



I just love the blue and white combination of this pullover which is very refreshing from the normal red and white Christmas attires. What more, when the characters are as adorable as ‘Little Miss’ and ‘Little Mr,’ it’s a must to own at least one fashion item from this collection right?



If you’re a fan of Little Mr & Miss’ storybooks collection from young, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss the super cute collection at Truffleshuffle ranging from clothes, mugs and to bags. Start 2018 lighthearted with a cutie pie yeah:)



‘Time to move on to our next country, Princess!’ Magic Carpet startled me!

It’s indeed a White Christmas this year for Switzerland. I was a bit sad leaving behind the Snow yet I’m looking forward to my next destination.



Any guesses where Magic Carpet is taking me?

Bonjor:) Well, yes I’m in France!

What’s the first place that comes to our mind when we think of France? That’s right, it’s capital city, Paris!

You’ve got to wait a little longer for Paris as Magic Carpet dropped me off in another small town named Colmar.

Colmar has a unique touch as the houses are colourful and uniquely shaped. I feel like I’m in a Harry Potter movie where Hagrid will show Harry Potter and his friends a secret magical town:) Haha!



Another amazing touch to this town is the location of the fashion boutiques. Whenever I enter into a fashion shop like Esprit or Guess, I feel like I’m entering into the past. This makes my shopping experience memorable unlike the normal urbanized shops which I usually enter:)



Of course, we cannot forget the iconic city in France, Paris and its iconic symbol, the EIFFEL TOWER! It’s a symbol of love and when you go there, romantic feelings just comes naturally for everyone:)



I am reminded of Aladdin and how he showed me the world and true love exist. One day, I’ll bring him to Eiffel Tower.



For now, Magic Carpet sent me to level 2 of the Tower. The view was breath taking and I saw the whole of Paris! It’s indeed a memorable sight for me:)



I have to thank my Winter Jacket from Zara ($159.90) that covered me well from the cold wind at the Eiffel Tower. Considering its light weight, I don’t feel bloated wearing this jacket.



Instead, I can move around comfortably. This jacket can withstand till negative degree of cold if you have proper heat tech layers. I feel it’s important to have one good quality winter jacket that keeps you comfy and warm for you to enjoy your Winter holidays:)



You can hunt for your comfy winter wear at Zara and I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable Winter Trip:)



While I was admiring the sights of Paris, Magic Carpet asked me to snap my fingers for a surprise was awaiting me. I was puzzled yet I did what it told me to.




Welcome to Disneyland Paris:) Someone special is waiting for you!

Wow, this is one hell of a trip! I thought to myself. Hehe! Who would be waiting for me?

Along the way I met some of the Disney characters and my good Disney friend. (Paris Disneyland Special Blog Post coming in Feb)

Then, I came to Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage way. It was extremely gorgeous and at the entrance I knew who was waiting for me!



It’s Genie:) “Are you having fun Princess Jasmine? This is just the beginning, you have two more countries to visit. Haha! You’ve been so good to your people, it’s time you deserve some happiness & adventure of your own!”



Genie is very sweet. I told him all about my fun adventure, the Snow I saw and the amazing small town experience:)



“I’m glad you’re having fun Princess. It’s time for me to go and grant some wishes for the kids. Magic Carpet will follow you.”



Before I know it, Genie snapped his fingers and I was back to the ground level of Eiffel Tower. Gosh, the Eiffel Tower looked more gorgeous in the evening with its lights on it. I feel like I’m in a fairytale world and magic is round the corner:)




A magical moment did happen when Mickey winked at me and read my thoughts of my romantic time with Aladdin at the Eiffel Tower:)



I cannot ignore how cheeky Mickey looks on my sling bag from Cathkidson_Itd ($100) . I feel that the ‘pie-eyed’ design of Mickey on this bag and its stripe makes it attractive and quirky!



I also like the neutral beige colour tone that matches with both bright and dull outfits. Try a bubbly Mickey fashion through Cathkidson_Itd latest wide range of Mickey and his friends collection and you may have some cheeky and fun days:)


I’m loving every single moment of my Magical Winterland Adventure so far! Genie and Magic Carpet are going to bring me to another two countries:)



Wanna know where my magical adventure leads to? Catch you in a bit!




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