Winterland Fashion Diary Vol 2

“Princess Jasmine, Wakey Wakey!” I forced myself to open my eyes and realized clouds around me.

“ Are you ready for your next Europe adventure, Princess?” Magic Carpet looked at me cheekily. I’m sure it has something up its sleeve and I’m going to enjoy it. Hehe!

Wow! The smell is delicious. I wondered to myself. My stomach started to growl.

“You’re just in time to taste the most famous Belgium Waffles in Belgium itself!” Magic Carpet yelled in excitement!



I ate my Dark Chocolate Belgium Waffles on the street and I must tell you, it was the BEST WAFFLES I’ve tasted in my life. It was soft, chewy and the dark chocolate went hand in hand with the winter season. I’ll never forget this amazing dessert:) 



One was not enough, so I had two Belgium Waffles! Haha! Savoring the taste till I’m here. The experience of eating the Belgium Waffles and walking down the Christmas market is truly one of its kind:) 



I’m glad I was able to enjoy my Belgium Waffles and my appetite was not spoiled by the cold thanks to my Winter Jacket from Mango ($99) . The brown colour complements my skin tone very well.



This jacket is so light that when I wear it, I don’t feel like it’s a burden. In fact, this is my most favourite jacket and you can see I’m wearing it in most countries. However, it can withstand cold from 12 degrees only. Below 12 degrees, my recommendation is the Zara Jacket (Winterland Fashion Diaries Vol 1: Previous Post.)



I’m sure you’re wondering which part of Belgium I’m in right?



I’m in a small city Ghent and it’s a hidden gem in Belgium. The buildings seem like they come from a fairytale book and brings you back to old Victorian age:) 



There’s a gorgeous Castle I came across and it has an inspiring story. It’s called the Castle of Love as during the 18th century, a lady fell in love with a farm man but her father opposed their unity.



So, one Winter night, she decided to run away with him and jumped into the river as it was the only way out of her place. She knew the water was freezing but she took the risk.



Half way while she was swimming, she froze and died. Some people claimed that some magical Swans took her body away. From then on, this Castle was given its special name. What a beautiful story it is:) 

I’ve dressed for the right place with my adorable Mickey Shawl from Disneyland Paris. When I saw this shawl, I knew it was a keeper as its such a fashionable Disney item to own.



I love the Mickey design on it and the thick material protects my neck from the cold. I feel a thick shawl is necessary to protect yourself from cold entering your body. 



What more, Mickey is such a loved Disney character and the shawl certainty makes my outfits shine and stylish. You would be seeing me wear this shawl more often in my future travels:) 



Suddenly the wind was so strong! Magic Carpet and I was being dragged and we couldn’t see anything. Then, the wind stopped and everything around us became quiet. I looked up and to my pleasant surprise, I saw Windmills:) 

I’m in Amsterdam! Hoho! The first thing I caught here are their famous UNESCO Heritage Site in Kinderdijk, the WINDMILLS. You would think that these are just Windmills. But I’m telling you its more to that! It’s a way of living:) 

Of course my attire had changed! Haha! Who else than Mickey and his friends to accompany me on my Windmills journey?



I’m glad I purchased this Mickey dress from Cathkidson_Itd ($80) . Though it has long sleeves, the material is soft and comfortable to wear. 



I also love how this dress is interchangeable. You can either wear it as a dress during Summer or with pants during Winter season. I have chosen to pair it with my jeggings considering the cold weather.



The unique feature about this dress is how beautifully Mickey and his friends, Minnie, Daisy and Donald duck are together on it:) It’s so nice to have the whole gang on your outfit at times! You should totally check Cathkidson_Itd out now as they are having a 50% discount for Mickey fashion stuff and this dress is one of it:) Go Mickeyliciously Crazy shopping!

After my Disneyland Paris trip (Blog Post in Feb), I was inspired by the Mickey sorting hat look and modified it with a fashionable Snow Cap from Bershka($19.90) 



I’ve always been fascinated with white snow caps as they tend to stand out. I practically like the ball on top of it which gives a bit of Christmassy feeling to my outfit! (Yes, I’m a big fan of holidays especially Christmas.)



I feel this Snow Cap from Bershka is very reasonable and kept me warm in Europe. So, if you’re looking for stylish and warm Snow Caps, Bershka is your choice:) 



“Princess Jasmine, there’s a gift for you!” I recognize that voice.

Magic Carpet looked puzzled too. Well, let’s see what other surprises are in store for me:) 

“Genie, you’re here again!” I was jumping with joy when I met him.

“Your good Disney friend who has almost the same character like you, ask me to deliver something specially for you.”

Hmm… who would that be? Time for some fun guesses…

Curiouser, Curiouser! My dear friend, Alice, gifted me some gorgeous clothes which I have to wear for my Amsterdam city tour:) 



I cruised with my Disney Alice themed sweater from Chocolate($65). Hoodies save me the trouble of carrying umbrellas during rainy seasons. So, this sweater was perfect for the cold breezy weather and the hoodie is the plus point:) 



Can we also look at how cute rabbit is on the shirt saying ‘I’m late! I’m late!’ Hehe! Rabbit does remind me to be on time for my city tour today!



If you are craving for some dessert, choco down to Chocolate @ Bugis and you will be swamped with sweet Disney treats from Alice in Wonderland to wrap yourself during this Wintery season:) 

I have to say, the highlight of my attire is the enchanting Alice in Wonderland skirt from Ritalanevintage($44) . 



I’m MADLY IN LOVE with this quirky skirt that has all the characters from this Disney classic, colourfully printed on it! The colours add so much of cheer to my day:) 



Thinking of how to brighten up your day? Ritalanevintage has charming answers to your question with their never ending beautiful Disney skirts! Have fun adding splash of Disney themed colours in your attire:) 

As a finishing touch, I had to pop a bright Snow Cap from Bershka($13.90)



I feel that the bright pink matches my black sweater and spots of pink in my skirt extremely well. You might ask why is there no ball on top of my snow cap?



Well, some days I like to keep some aspects of my attire simple and today in Amsterdam was one of it! I would highly recommend Snow Caps from Bershka as they are reasonably priced and keep you warm depending on which snow cap you choose:) 

On top of that, I was amazed to see a horse carriage just like those in fairytales. One day, I wish to a horse carriage with my prince charming, Aladdin. Oops, I hope Magic Carpet didn’t hear that! Hehe!



It’s time to go home and tell my dad all about my Europe adventure! Thanks Genie and Magic Carpet for opening my eyes and letting me see a Whole Different World out there:) Hope to go for more travel adventures soon!

Alice, Mad Hatter, Rabbit and Cheshire make me miss having tea so much! (Looking forward to Tea Time special with Alice? Coming up next)


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