Have you got TIME for some TEA?

Alice, Alice! Quicken your pace… We cannot wait all day for you!’



‘What’s the hurry Hatter? We still got lots of TIME left! Will you chill a little!’

‘I don’t think TIME will be happy to hear that Alice.’

I have no idea why Hatter is panicking so much just to have tea! The Hatter that I know, is always excited for tea with special treats like yummylicious cakes, macaroons, cupcakes and other deserts!



Ever since I rescued him from the Red Queen’s Castle in Tokyo Disneyland(5 blogposts ago), he has been weirder than normal whenever I mention about TIME.

Did something happen there between TIME and Hatter?

Well, I, Alice, am not going to let anything get in my way to find out the truth. So, I am going to use this chance where Hatter invited me over for tea in his gorgeous garden to chitchat more about his relationship with TIME.



‘Rabbit you are missing one important thing for our themed tea party!’ Hatter told Rabbit rather angrily.



Rabbit looked so puzzled! He started thinking quickly what he was missing. The only good thing is, I carrying Rabbit around my shoulder so that Hatter doesn’t get a chance to hit him on his head. Haha! Hatter’s way of showing affection to Rabbit. I admire this loveable Rabbit bag ($39.90) from http://www.charleskeith.com/sg/catalogsearch/result/?q=alice+in+wonderland



It reminds me of my first encounter with Rabbit, looking confused and repeating, ‘She’s the Alice we’re looking for.’ I feel this bag is quite versatile as you can carry it for tea parties and casual outings where you just want to give the fun kiddy look:)



‘Oh well, just forgive him this once won’t you Hatter?’ I told Hatter giving my most innocent and pitiful face. ‘I suppose I can do that today.’ Hatter said quickly. (Hatter always falls for this trick of mine! Heheh!)



‘Alice you are the only one dressed for our themed tea party! You are ready for tea now. Come join me on the floor.’ Luckily Hatter is delighted with my fashion today:)

Oh yes! Don’t worry, I have not forgotten you guys! I am going to share with you my ‘Tea Fashion.’ Hatter asked me if I have lost my ‘munchess’ in fashion. You guys are the best judge if I still have it:)



Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast’ And one of them is that pastal colours will always be in fashion regardless of what season it is!



Whether it is summer, spring, autumn or winter, pastal colours have a way of lightening any mood. This is the theme that Hatter is talking about. So, this sky blue lace dress is from Loveandbravery($42) http://loveandbravery.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=73&product_id=6432&filter=27



I love how the lacey material gives the sexy edge that defines the curves in a woman’s body. It’s not figure hugging but fits just right and brings out the best of my curves:) I feel no matter what shape you are, you got to be confident to flaunt your curves and a gorgeous lacey dress like this is perfect to do so!



I also like the length of this dress which is neither too long nor too short. You can wear it to an afternoon and evening occasion like a tea party or a dinner date with friends:)



Why don’t you try styling yourself with a lacey dress and you will discover the magic of embracing your curves? It’s time you go out there and own the world with your curves!

‘Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end?’ That’s what I thought to myself the first time I was falling down the deep hole. Never did I imagine that I would find such an amazing place like the Wonderland with priceless friends that are keepers forever especially HATTER!



Not to forget my beautiful encounter with Wonderland, I decided to wear accessories related to my fall. Here I am wearing ‘My Fall in Wonderland Silhouette Necklace’($24) from Disney Couture http://www.disneycouture.co.uk/on-sale. Yes, I am still getting jewellery from there as their stuff are truly worth every penny of mine!



I love how this necklace can be worn in two ways. Either as a long chain or doubling up and it seems like I am wearing two necklaces instead of one! Isn’t it remarkable?



To pair this necklace, I’m wearing a similar bracelet ‘My Fall in Wonderland Silhouette Bracelet’($16) from Disney Couture http://www.disneycouture.co.uk/on-sale. Today is one of the rare days where I’ve matched my accessories. Hehe!



This talking is making me hungry! Shall we go and enjoy some tea and delicious deserts?

I was amazed when Hatter opened up the Alice book and all the tea time specials came out. It’s like there’s never a lack of Magic in Wonderland:)



“We have a new Disney friend joining us today for tea, who’s not from Wonderland.” Hatter smiled happily. We were curious yet excited to find out who.



Just when I was about to ask Hatter something, I heard a loud sound and saw TIME walking angrily towards our tea party. Hatter tried to run away but TIME used his powers to stop him. I was so confused.

Hatter looked innocently at me. ‘ Hatter since you insulted me saying that your time in the Red Queen’s castle was useless, I am going to take away your precious tea time every day as punishment.’ TIME yelled!

Can you imagine Hatter’s reaction? He looked like he was going to cry any moment as Hatter’s favourite time of the day is TEA and he always looks forward to it. If TIME was going to take it away, Hatter would be shattered!

I decided to help Hatter by telling TIME to forgive him and he would never repeat his mistake again. Instead, he will take some time everyday to reflect on his mistake and improve himself. Eventually, TIME let it go and forgave him. Hatter was so delighted that he broke into a dance with TIME. Oh, what a hilarious sight it was:)



I think you are going to get excited when I talk about my shoes as its from Charles and Keith, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ collection. I was surprised when I saw that Charles and Keith featured me, Alice, in their new bags and shoe collection. I am so proud of not only myself but the other characters in this Disney tale as finally we are getting the recognition that we deserve. Haha!



Of course I have to wear something that defines me from this collection, the Embellished Pointed Toe Pumps($69.90) http://www.charleskeith.com/sg/embellished-pointed-toe-pumps-multi-ck1-60361029-1.html



It has the heart, squade and diamond design on them. Given my quirky taste, I wouldn’t go for a solid colour. Instead, with some designs on my shoes. Boom! The designs are related to the Red Queen like the heart, squad and diamonds.



I will never forget her even if she puts a ‘Forgetting Spell’ on me. Hehe! I feel that these heels really complemented my long lacey dress, to give a stylishly curious vibe:)

Being inspired by Hatter, I had to add a final touch by choosing peculiar eye shadow colours. I feel that the pink and green combi made my lacey dress stand out better. One of my priced purchases is this ‘Alice through the looking glass’ Eye Shadow Palette from Urban Decay($89.90).



It has Hatter’s colours, Time’s colours, Red Queen’s colours and White Queen’s colours. I just love how the different characters’ personality makes this eye shadow extremely vibrant:) I hope Urban Decay has another Disney eye shadow palette launch soon!



Woah! It’s a long day for me! So I am going to wonder away by sharing one last thing with you. There are no mistakes when it comes to fashion. You wear what you feel like wearing! Don’t be bothered about people’s opinions as you only live life once. Put yourself out there and be noticed for your fashion adventure:)



For now, be ready to catch my Disney’s friend’s post on loving yourself in two weeks time:)

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