I want Adventure in this Great Fashion Runway!

‘Hurry up Horsie! Before anyone finds out that I’m missing.’ Having some thoughts on who I’m talking to? Well, here’s the thing.

I, Belle, am doing something very bold and maybe naughty tonight. I hope I don’t get caught by anyone!



After my tea chilling session (3 blog posts earlier), I went back to the Castle and missed my dad a lot. So, I sneaked into the library’s secret passageway to travel to my city. I figured this passageway one evening when I was cleaning the library. No one knows this passageway, so will you keep it a secret for me ya?



I finally reached my hometown! The smell of familiarity made me recall my mini adventures that I travelled, through the books I read. The hope that one day I would be free to have a real adventure outside my village. As of now, I’ll settle for being adventurous in my fashion:)



The first step is to be fearless and explore various fashion styles. Once in a while, we should be game enough to try statement and loud fashion! This can give a little break from our momentum way of dressing:)

To all the Belle fans out there, this is for you! Where would you find a dress with all your favourite Disney friends like Mrs Potts, Chip, Belle, Beast and Lumiere on it?

Peek a boo…



This special edition Disney silky printed dress ($56 = 4,500 yen) caught my attention in Tokyo Disneyland. When I saw this, I knew it’s a must-get purchase and I’ll regret it if I miss it. (Hehe when it comes to fashion, I am quite dramatic!)



I feel the prints in this dress are so exceptional and tells the beautiful tale of this Disney classic without missing any characters. I like the combination of the grey tone with the bright yellow and red colours which focuses on the Rose and Belle:)



Once I wore this dress, I fell in love with its silky, soft material and its casual vibe! I find it rather difficult to get such casual maxi silky dresses as most of them are usually grand, to be worn during occasions. Obviously, this dress is a gem that I’ve found and one of my favourite dresses thus far:)



I feel that I need to give some importance to the Beast as the tale all started due to him and he had to break his own spell! So, I’ve paired my gorgeous dress with a Beast clutch ($120) from https://shop.danielle-nicole.com/collections/disney-dn.



I chose a clutch as I didn’t want a crossbody (sling) or shoulder bag to take the focus away from the unique prints in the dress. I can fit all my essentials that a woman needs like lipstick, phone and cards in this clutch.



You should pop by Danielle.com and you would be charmed by their attractive range of Beauty and the Beast collection:) I’ve gotten a few cute bags like Cogsworth and the Beast. More zooming your way soon!



While searching for my dad, I look down at my rose necklace and recall how because of a rose, I got to know the frightening Beast who turned out to be gentlemanly and mesmerising!



I’m glad I got this Rose Necklace($20 = 1,800 yen) from Tokyo Disneyland as its simply stunning and light. I can match it with a simple attire and the rose will still stand out beautifully.



This necklace is definitely a keeper as I can wear daily and effortlessly feel like a Disney Princess:)



Oh, I hope I can spend enough time with my dad before dawn breaks and everyone in the Castle realises that I’m gone.

Talking about time, this Cogsworth stud earrings ($50) from Disney Couture UK http://www.disneycouture.co.uk/disney-couture-all-products?p=1 is such a darling! I felt that since there are many prints on my dress, my earrings should be something simple, not to make my accessories overbearing.



Cogsworth is one of my favourite characters in this tale and he is absolutely adorable so I couldn’t resist wearing him:)

I know what you are thinking? That I’m a HUGE FAN of Disney Couture right? Yes! I adore their Disney accessories as their prices are quite reasonable. I’m always delighted with their services and packaging! I feel like a princess opening and trying their accessories.



Try getting Disney Couture accessories and I’m sure your Disney dream of feeling a Princess would come true:)

I’m walking a long way to my dad’s cottage as he’s not in town. You know besides seeing him, my Orange Kitten Heels from Charles and Keith ($46.90) http://www.charleskeith.com/sg/sling-back-kitten-heels-orange-ck1-60900079.html are keeping me going!



The bright orange colour complements my pale grey prints dress. As you know, I’ve the tendency to add pops of colour in my outfit which makes me cheery and happy:)



You should totally try it too! At the most, you’ll be the centre of attention and sometimes it’s a great feeling:)



I met my dad finally and we talked the whole night. He found out that the Beast’s spell is slowly making him less human and he’s distancing himself further away from Belle, which is me.



I became concerned as I thought that the Beast and I were becoming close friends. The only way for the spell to slow down, is to bring the Beast to Paris Disneyland and gain some powers for him to fight this spell.



So, are you ready to set off and explore the world beyond your comfort zone fashionably! Or for now, explore Paris Disneyland with me? Till then, bonjour:)


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