Belle Trapped in Earthsyland!

Minnie, Beast and I, Belle, were having lots of fun in Minnie’s pirate ship(previous post) in Adventureland and Tomorrowland!

Suddenly, I heard a loud shriek! “You think you can escape from me, Beast?” Oh no, it’s the Enchantress! How was she able to spot us when we are disguised as humans?

“I’m going to put such a powerful spell on you that not even Belle or any evil queen can save you from it!” The Enchantress raised her wand and I, Belle, immediately ran in front of the Beast to protect him.

Booshhhh…. I could only see flashes of lights that nearly blinded me. I looked up and to my surprise the lights were gone.



This place is made up of modern tall buildings and obviously not Paris Disneyland!’ I thought to myself.



What had just happened? I was trying to protect Beast and now here I am, all alone in this strange island. Well, ever since I sang the song “I want more than this provincial life,” I seem to be having non-stop adventure!

Shall we figure out where I am?



I saw a flight of stairs and became excited. Maybe, this could lead me to a magical hole back to the Beast’s Castle:) How I miss my friends Cogsworth, Lumiere and of course Mrs Potts tea which I really need to calm myself. Haha!



I climbed up the stairs but there was no magical hole. Instead, I saw Mrs Potts! Being alone in an unfamiliar place, I felt relieved that I have someone to accompany me in this modern island:)



Who else will give me more hope and tell me everything’s going to be fine expect Mrs Potts? I’m fond of this darling Mrs Potts bag from Daniel Nicole($68) as it’s designed exactly like a teapot. If you’re craving for some tea, you can have it anytime of the day with her:)



Be charmed just like Belle, with Daniel Nicole’s current incredible sale on Disney bags especially from the Beauty and the Beast collection:)



I sat down and started chatting with Mrs Potts. She didn’t say a word at all! That’s puzzling? Mrs Potts never stops talking in Beast’s Castle. When she’s so quiet, it doesn’t seem right. Hmm…



I guess I can ponder along the way while figuring which island I’m in.

It’s rather hot in this island. I touched my neck and something magical happened! A necklace appeared on it. It’s not any ordinary necklace. I remember telling Beast in Paris Disneyland ($40) that this Castle necklace reminds me of his Castle.



I adore the rose gold texture on it that matches with both casual and formal outfits. I’m so touched Beast remembered it and actually got it for me:)



Wow, this strange island can secretly transport my friends and things close to my heart! Looking forward to more accessories shaped as my friends:)



Since, I’m so into this Castle necklace, I kissed it and Booshhhh….

That’s just great! Why am I on top of a building now?



Another flash of light sparked on my face. What’s up with bright lights today?!



“Hello Belle dearie, Maleficient here.” I was so happy that I met someone familiar finally!



“I countered the spell that the Enchantress was about to put on Beast in the ship. Unfortunately, the spell backfired and has trapped you here, in Earthsyland. Don’t worry, I, the evil Queen and Red Queen are hosting the Enchantress a party in 2 weeks’ time. We’ve planned to put a sleeping spell on the Enchantress so when she’s asleep, we can reverse all the evil spells she has done around the world. Then, you’ll be transported back to the Beast’s Castle.”



Wow! That’s a lot of information to take in. Maleficient told me not to have any communication with Beast or my other friends in the Castle as the spell I’m in, is to hide me away from the Enchantress. But, to ensure I’m not alone, magical accessories in the form of my friends, will appear on me:)

At least, I know for sure my stay in Earthsyland will be a short one. I started spinning and dancing around happily in my limited edition Beauty and the Beast Melissa shoes ($140) This pair is memorising as the soles have delightful drawings of me, Belle and Beast. There’s a ray of hope I’ll find my way back to Beast and dance with him forever:)



The super cute red rose at the top of the shoes is my favourite! It gives a sweet and gentle look to my attire. I keep going back to Melissa as they surprise me with Disney trend shoes and sandals that I can never get bored of:)



Magic did happen again! Now, wanna guess which of my friends have come to pay me a visit in Earthsyland?

It’s all of them! They have come through the Beauty and the Beast characters Charm bracelet ($80) from Disney Couture UK



What a stunning sight they are. Small and smart as they’ll never be spotted by the Enchantress. Cogsworth and Lumiere definitely have to make their presence known to entertain me:) I could do a bit of entertaining, songs and dancing around in this alien Earthsyland where everyone’s rushing. Hehe!



Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten you Chip! What’s my life without some Chippy laughter to brighten my mood eh? Chip has to make me tear a little when I saw myself wearing the most dazzling yellow gown in Beast’s Castle. Oh, how I wish to wear it again soon!



Well, they say, there’s always a dressy lining in the sky:)



No gown, no loss! I’ve my Skater dress from Tempt($19.90) which has a cooling material to keep me comfy in this humid weather. Yellow is just the perfect colour to add a big cheer on anyone’s day!



I just cannot stop flattering like a butterfly as my sleeves have the natural tendency for me to do so:) I heard they call such sleeves bell sleeves, interesting right? Now, I feel so comforted that Earthsyland loves me so much that they want to name their fashion after me! Hehe!



Are you a tropics fan in fashion? Then, Tempt’s your garden to fish for tropical prints for really good deals:)



Alrighty, Maleficient said that I need to stay in Earthsyland for a while. Time to swing and rest somewhere. I’ll see ya guys soon! Till then, charm your way through street fashion:)


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