I Almost Got Robbed in Esplanade!

Who says going to the library can be boring? I know most of us think that only bookworms or geeks enjoy going to the library. If you tell your friend you’re going to the library, suddenly you’re ‘uncool’ and labelled as a bookworm! I think otherwise:) 



I believe inside all of us, we have this tiny desire to stop whatever we’re doing, take our favourite book, sit down, forget about our worries and zoom into a reel world! Just that, we always give ourselves the excuse that we’re tired, busy with work or have other important things to do like watching Netflix. Haha! Trust me, even I have the same excuses when touching my book to read.



With the dark clouds approaching, I decided to head out to the library instead of the normal stay-at-home-weekend. The familiar smell of rain reminded me of the nostalgic smell of old mystery books I used to enjoy during my childhood days…

How many of you remember the old National Library opposite MPH building?

Well, there’s where I spent most of my childhood, reading and escaping into the wonders of the ‘Reel World.’ I still remember the children and teenage sections with tiny sofas for me to cuddle up and read ‘Secret Seven’ and ‘Famous Five.’ I was a fan of mystery thrillers that kept my heart thumping with curiosity on who’s the culprit and the clues for me to solve the cases. I even thought, I was meant to be a spy or detective considering how well I joined the clues and predicted the climax of the story. Those days when we all had ambitions which changed every day! Hehe!



From young, I’ve always preferred quiet corners to read and dream about the fantasy world:) Now that the old National Library is gone, my new hangout is the Esplanade library.



Instantly, I got robbed into the imagination of books, looking at the extensive series of fiction books Esplanade library carried. 



The best way to enjoy being a victim of such robbery is chilling in the ‘Hot Box Seat.’



I came up with this nickname as I was very attracted by the boxy shape and the fiery redness of the seat, the first time I saw it. That’s my Go-To-Spot and I lay down to read or do my work. It’s super cozy and warm especially on a rainy weather where you want to cuddle up somewhere nice and do your stuff.



Trust me, you will never fall asleep as the bright lights shinning makes you feel like you are in a film theatre! Next time you’re lost on where to hang out when it’s raining, this ‘Hot Box Seat’ will keep you warm and motivated:) 



Spending too much time in the library, drains my brain cells. Esplanade library has the perfect solution to my hungry tummy and tired brain! It’s extremely convenient as there’s a café just inside the library:) 



For the rainy weather, I have to order a cup of coffee to perk me up!


Thanks to Ad1_Sufyan


Oh my, the sizzling bitter sweet coffee warms and rejuvenates my soul. The tantalizing aromatic beans which makes up my cup of Joe brought back memories of my late night movie marathons:) 

The craving to watch light hearted comedy and Disney movies are just in time! After my mini munching break, I hop along to the Blu-Ray collection in the film village…



I got immersed into the wide range of movie genres. I can loan movies all the way from the 70s to currently and watch them on my bed with popcorn or ice cream! 



Isn’t amazing that the Esplanade library offers snacks, books and movies for your library hangout? Now, I would definitely be robbed of my time in Esplanade library:) Hehe!



Temptations… Temptations… In the film village, I came across the movie Alice in Wonderland and I missed Mad Hatter’s dance to the White Queen.



Suddenly, I wondered! Would there be an area for dancers like me, to let our hair down and feel inspired to dance again?



You guessed it right! There’s a separate room just beside the music section, where I can loan different types of dance movements I’m interested in. For those healthy beebies out there, you can loan simple dance workout DVDs and shoop your way to fitness:) 



After looking at the dance videos, I had the urge to twist my body a little!



Thankfully, I was wearing a comfy outfit to try some new dance moves on the screen. My Cropped Pullover Top($25) from The Closet Lover, over my sleeveless pink dress, made me move around effortlessly. If you’re looking for this kind of multi-user fashion piece, you can check this Blog Shop out:) 



Moving my body to the music has made me a little tired. Time to slow myself down with a good book beside me! 



I don’t have a particular author that I prefer but I’m a huge admirer of fantasy, romance and light hearted comedy books. When I’m tired, I like to choose books that make me laugh and hop a little:) 



On days I want to be challenged, I choose history novels from the ancient world. I feel choosing the correct book can determine your mood and thoughts for the rest of the day. 



So, the next time you want to rest your eyes a bit from Netflix, consider choosing a book that makes your day. It’s as simple as choosing a movie to watch:) 



As all quiet moments come to an end, it’s time for me to head out to the bustling world! There’s no other better place to enjoy the nature than the rooftop of the Esplanade:) 



Of course, before I leave, I have to talk a little more about fashion that rocks my world. Hehe! My feather-like earrings are from Lovisa https://www.lovisa.com/trending and guess what, it was only $5. 



I got these earrings along with some other accessories(next blog post in 2 weeks’ time) during Lovisa’s sale. With Lovisa, you can accessorize your way to the library:)



I’ll be putting up insta stories and posts on accessories’ sale soon. Keep a lookout for them in my Instagram(@disneyfashiondiaries).



If you enjoy reading like me, why should you bother about how others might think of you? I say, do the things you enjoy openly that puts a smile on your face and inspire others to join you:) 



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