Confessions of a Jumpsuit!

Have you ever had a confession that you were dying to share with someone?

I have one and mine is all about jumpsuits!

In the past, I used to think as a petite woman, it would be difficult for me to pull off a jumpsuit and they only look dashing on tall women. Oh my, I was so wrong!


Now that I’ve taken a liking for jumpsuits, I feel it’s more stylish than dresses and skirts. As much as jumpsuits might be troublesome when you go to the toilets, there are many pros to this trendy attire.



So, why do women put jumpsuits last priority in their wish list? Well, this one piece ensemble can be a fashion hit or a fashion break depending on how you style it.



I’m here to share with you guys 4 tips on how to make jumpsuits your go-to-fashion playground:)



1) Choose the Event…

Choosing a Jumpsuit is never easy. Trust me, even I have to try so many, before I can finally say this is the perfect one for me! The key to narrow down your fittings, is to choose the occasion you’re going for.

I like wearing a fitted jumpsuit like this blue one from Goddiva, for formal events. The beauty about fitted jumpsuits is that they make you look lean and classy.



I like to choose a jumpsuit that fits me perfectly at the waist and at my ankle. I feel alterations changes many parts of the jumpsuit and when you get it back, it’s hardly like the one you set your eyes on at first. In the end, you may not wear the tailored jumpsuit.



To be safe, select a jumpsuit that is below your knee but slightly above your ankle so you don’t look sloppy or ‘sweeping’ the floor.



What about casual events like meeting your friends for a drink or going out for meals?



Well, I like to keep it laid back with flowy jumpsuits. Loose-fitting jumpsuits doesn’t mean its unflattering or you have to wear oversized ones. Instead, this hot pink one I’m wearing from TheStageWalk, gives more of a chilled feel.



I like the top of my jumpsuit to be just a little flowy and the bottom to be more baggy to suit my body structure.



I’ve linked some of my favourite jumpsuits below that you can shop for formal and casual events:)


You might have noticed the both jumpsuits I’m wearing are sleeveless, to battle the heat in Singapore. For those of you experiencing 4 seasons, you can choose long sleeve jumpsuits to keep up with the weather. Alternatively, you can pair your sleeveless jumpsuits with long sleeve shirts inside for Winter:)



2) Go Bold in Your Colours…

The jumpsuits I usually see are dull and dark colours. Yes, these colours are definitely sophisticated and elegant. Given my personality and skin tone, I like to go more for perky colours!


I feel whenever I wear such bright colours like this sky blue and hot pink, it lifts my spirits and makes me extremely lively.



That’s why even my accessories are in bold neons! Colours have a certain way of cheering up your day unconsciously:)



So, for those of you out there who tend to go for darker shades, once in a while, try getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with vivid colours. I’m sure it will definitely upbeat your mood!

3) Heels are Your Besties…

I’ve learnt an important lesson that heels are your besties especially for petite women like me! You might ask, what if you are not comfortable with heels?



As with different styles in jumpsuits, heels too come in varied styles and sizes. My personal favourite is kitten heels as they are not too high nor flat. They can be worn daily for work wear and for evening gatherings. I recommend kitten heels like these glitter ones I’m wearing, for fitted jumpsuits as it makes you slender.



Another type, are these floral platform heels which I feel is more suitable for loose-fitting jumpsuits.


These kind of heels makes you look tall and gives the sexy vibe for your relaxed day. I treat platform heels as a luxury since I only wear it once in a while for special gatherings:)


Never leave the house without heels as they boasts your confidence to rock your jumpsuits!


4) Glam it up with Accessories…

I feel accessories have a special flair to make even the plain jumpsuits sparkle and heads turn!


Jewellery, bags, shoes you name it! Accessories comes as a whole package. You have to be very careful in choosing the right accessories to pair with your jumpsuits as you don’t want to give a chaotic look.



So, for jewellery, I like to go for statement pieces like chunky necklaces, large earrings and pendant rings. However you don’t want to wear lots of bulky accessories at one go. Instead, I feel matching one big accessory with a small one is more subtle and the focus is still on the jumpsuit.



I’ve styled a chunky pink and gold necklace with a pendant ring to balance off the sky blue look. I feel gold necklaces works very well with formal jumpsuits.



Another way to style your jumpsuit is to choose poppy accessories like neon handbags and floral neon heels. Yes, they are loud but I feel they add fun and liveliness to your outfit:) If you’re wondering about my neon handbag and green earrings, they’re from Aldo!


The next time you are thinking how to glam up your jumpsuits, remember add a touch of elegance, a touch of glow with poppy and neon colours!

5) Add an Edge!

You don’t have to make elaborate changes to your jumpsuits, to have an edgy style! Just keep it simple by adding brooches or belts:)

I feel belts are very common, so I decided to go with something different, BROOCHES! I realise brooches can be used as designs to further beautify outfits like jumpsuits. You can get a few nice brooches in gold and silver, to match with almost anything.


I like to play around with brooches depending on my mood. On days, I want to make a fashion statement, I choose to add a red floral brooch at the front of my blue jumpsuit.


While on some days, when I want to go for elegant, smaller sparkly brooches either at the front or back of my pink jumpsuit would do the trick:)

It really depends on what kind of fashion mood you’re going for that day, to add either statement brooches or classic ones. Brooches are so trendy that Lovisa has a wide range for you to pick and style your jumpsuits!

Catch my insta stories @disneyfashiondiaries on how I style jumpsuits with brooches!

Once you know how to choose the right jumpsuit, you’re game on in this fashion trend. Even Hollywood stars are flaunting jumpsuits in the Red Carpet. It’s time for you to take a leap forward and explore jumpsuits. I’m sure you’ll not regret your choice! Be a star and rule the street in your jumpsuits!


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  1. So much loveliness in one post blue and pink coloured jump suits are not only looking gorgeous on you surely a delight for colour block fashion lover. Brooch is an awesome idea

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