My Dream Date…

Every woman wishes to find her Perfect Soulmate or “Mr Right!”



In my case, I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as “Mr Right!” It’s all about compatibility and knowing the person well! So, when it comes to having successful dates, I’ve not been the luckiest as some way or another, my dates kinda screws up. Haha!



Instead of feeling sad or sorry about it, I’ve decided to share with you guys, the date that I’ve always wanted to go on. My Dream Date…

As like every girl, the best part about dates is the ‘Glamour Me Up’ segment.



Of course, I’ll take the extra effort to select an attire that gives me confidence and makes me look stylish! I like the idea of dresses as the perk is, you need not worry about matching top or bottom. I feel this lessens the stress of looking or feeling fabulous when your mind is off piecing pieces together(at least for the first few dates).



Fitting dresses like this from Love and Bravery one of my priority choices as it complements any body structure well. Such dresses are appropriate for either lunch or dinner dates.



I tend to go for pastel colours like pastel purple as I believe colours have the power of cheering and brightening your day! The rule about dating is, even if the dates doesn’t work the way you want it to go, you still feel good about yourself when you’ve chosen to be fashionable:)



After the whole hype about Glitz and Glamour, the ‘Wait Game’ begins…



I personally prefer my ‘dream date’ guy to fetch and bring me to the place to avoid any confusion (Haha! If you know what I mean!) I would choose a quiet restaurant that serves deserts especially chocolate cakes as I’m a huge CHOCOHOLIC! Anything with chocolates is the way to my heart:)



Why quiet restaurant, you might wonder? Well, I like to talk and listen to get to know my date well and the possibility for a second date. The kind of conversation I like to have with my date is, finding our common interest and knowing about our passion and what drives us. My passion, other than fashion, is TRAVELLING!



I love to hear about people’s travelling experiences as it always excites me when people talk about the unique cultures they’re exposed to in the country.

My love for travelling can be seen from the fact that my clutch from River Island travel compartments to organize various travelling stuff like boarding pass and passport. It’s super convenient when you have such a travelling kit:)



Who knows maybe the wild side in me, may even make me take a spontaneous move to travel with my date when I’ve clicked well with him. Hehe! Yes, I know I watch a lot of Hollywood movies. But can you blame a girl for dreaming and hopping for such spontaneity? I mean if Meghan Markle can be a princess, I think we all deserve to dream and hope for some miracles when it comes to finding true love right?



Dinner dates are most romantic as I don’t want my date to end at the restaurant. I mean the night is still young! Why not use it to the max and take a lovely slow walk along Marina Bay and Esplanade! I love admiring the vibrant lights at this place in the night:)



The key to enjoy a nice long walk with my date, is to wear suitable pair of heels!



Heels can be stunning but they can hurt you real bad as well. I don’t want to end up with lots of blisters and pain and create an impression on my date that I don’t like him, when I really do! Picking the right pair of heels can either make or break your date night:)



Like they always say, “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes.”



So, my heels are mostly from Pretty Fit they hardly bruise or cases much pain. They have the most comfortable soles. Trust me! With the right pair of heels, your journey of a thousand miles can be smooth, fun and unpredictable in a positive way:)

Dinner and Walk may sound tiring enough! Yet, one little thing is still missing. The ‘dance part.’ I grew up loving dance and being a dancer myself, I like my date to take me by surprise and invite me for a short dance:)



My date doesn’t have to be perfect in dancing. He just has to enjoy the moves and be confident of himself. One of the traits I look for in a guy, is he has to be charming. I feel from the way a guy dances, I can tell if he’s charming or not! That’s how I would like my dream date to end!



For most of you, your dream dates probably have been materialized. But for some of us, like me, don’t lose hope in dating and finding the guy most compatible with you! Sometimes, you just got to trust, have faith and believe that one day your dream date will eventually come true:)

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