Drape the Wrap!

How do you wear a dress that has hardly any buttons or zippers?

That’s my reaction every time I see a Wrap dress as I’ve always thought they were complicated to wear and avoided them. Oh boy, was I wrong!


After purchasing my first Wrap dress from Divasion https://divasion.com

wrap dresses are all that I can think about. Here’s my three hits of this Summer darling…




I fell immediately in love with this Blue Satin Wrap dress as the ruffles at the sleeves and at the bottom, gives a flirty vibe!



This dress comes in three other colours, wine red, pastal pink and dark green. Of course, the dazzling sky blue is a bonus and a rare find:)



Not forgetting how the soft and silky material makes me feel posh and feminine.



The beauty of Wrap dresses is their versatility in different styles like a kimono, robe or a toga. You can either choose to wear on special occasions like this Blue Satin or during casual outings.



I’ve found many simple Wrap dresses with no extra frills or thrills that can be worn on work days and still makes you feel like over the top and trendy!



(Check my insta @fashiondiaryinspiration this coming week on my Wrap dress craze)

Complements any Body Structure!

Wrap dresses are every girl’s best friend!



Since it comes in various lengths and prints ranging from pokka dots, to florals, to stripes, to ruffles and hemlines, you’re sure to get something just meant to make you feel comfy and confident.



Trust me, even some of my noticeable bumps are concealed beautifully in this Blue Satin Wrap dress. It fits your body structure so perfectly:) What’s not to love about Wrap dresses?



Effortless style!

I don’t think any outfit can beat the speed of Wrap dresses!

I can drap myself into one and slip out in less than 5 minutes.

How freaking cool is that?



Even styling a Wrap dress is easy peasy lemon squeezy! You can choose heels for midi length and flats, sandals or sneakers for short ones depending on the type of look you’re going for that day.



Those of you who are models can consider Wrap dresses for photo shoots as it saves lots of changing time and mummies, this style would definitely be your favourite when it comes to breastfeeding:)



I just love how Wrap dresses caters to all the women out there!

If you’re stuck on where to start getting your Wrap dresses, simply head down to https://divasion.comand there’s a stunning range for you to choose from. Use code ‘DIARIESDISCOUNT10’ to get 10% off any dresses you purchase!



You can check out their Instagram account too (@shop.divasion)

May you find the Wrap dress of your dreams:) See you in my next post on something unique which I’ve never written about!

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