Spring in a Bottle!

“You’re never fully dressed without Perfume!” 


Perfume is invisible and yet it leaves the biggest impression among people. It’s said that the person’s choice of scent speaks much about their personality. I couldn’t agree more!



It took me many years to pick the fragrance that defines my fun loving personality and elegant nature.



Either the floral scents were overpowering or the pure sweetness made me smell like candy.

Never in my wildest imagination did I think that, when florals met sweetness, it would be extremely captivating and have an addictive touch!



Marc Jacobs Daisy Love is indeed a true dream of the perfect balance of floral and sweet scent combined to bring out the carefree spirit in you:)



It is the fourth creation of Marc Jacob’s feminine fragrance and oh boy, the Daisy smell with the Berry fruit opening, transports me to an entirely different world!



In this world, the spring season welcomes the blossoms of vibrant flowers and renewal of energy, radiating only positive emotions:)



I feel myself flying and dancing around to the tunes of nature in my flowy maxi dress like this from NeonMello https://www.neonmello.com/products/summer-resort-ombre-maxi-dress-in-deep-multi-xs-s-m-l-xl



‘Perfume is a Moment of Freedom!’

Whenever I spray Daisy Love on me, I feel lighthearted and youthful. I imagine waves of ocean calling out to me and the calm vibe telling me everything’s going to be fine:)



The scent gives me the confidence to be myself and be free of all the worries and responsibilities bugging me.



It puts me in an upbeat mood, ready to take on the day full of possibilities! I can never get enough of Daisy Love! 



I’ve found my soulmate in perfume and unless something comes up way better than this sophisticated, youthful and cheery scent, I’m going to stick to Daisy Love and travel to my dream places in reality.



Purchase Daisy Love and discover the true essence within yourself:)



Cya soon in my next post of Travel Diaries!

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