Nostalgic Fashion

I’ve seen varieties of fashion trends over the years. Some styles swirl out of the closet and become popular overnight while some others are everlasting fashion statement that evolve over generations.



One thing is for sure, fashion draws inspiration from the finest of the past! Here’s two of my favorite timeless pieces:)

Bottoms Up!

Haha, I’m not referring to drinks but I like how it rhymes with my latest addiction of Button Down dresses:)


It comes in countless designs like in ruffles, lace, stripes and with elegant embroidery. Yet, it never fails to be paired with an attractive line of buttons ranging from simple ones to intricate shapes like floral or tortoise shells.



I’ve chosen this Marlene Button Downdress (L:$39.90) from Love and Bravery white brings out the sophisticated and hip look charmingly.



Of course the wooden buttons are the talk of the town, considering the old-school feeling of 90s fashion it gives me! They remind me of my pinafore uniforms I used to wear to school in the past. Those were the good old days:)



To level up my fashion game, I added star accessories like this Pink Ombre Chokerfrom Desigual and Ocean green studded bracelet from Lovisa a shimmering vibe.



The perky finish to this attire is my Teal Sandalsfrom Melissa is super cozy!



I feel the mishmash of classic white and vintage wooden buttons is perfect for summer days as a work outfit, strolling along pretty seaside towns like in Cinque Terre(Italy) or discovering the paved streets of European cities like Spain.



If you throw in a leather jacket and boots with this button down dress, I’m sure it will come in useful during spring and autumn. That’s why I love this simple yet versatile dress!



Maxi Mesh!

Next up in line, is the all-season darling Maxi dresses:)



Given my petite height, I always had this misconception that I couldn’t pull off maxi dresses and was stuck to above knee dresses. Oh boy, was I wrong!



Now, I’m all over Maxi dresses!

To kickstart this fascination, I got myself a sweet Olive Green Maxi Dress(XL:$40) from Love and Bravery has been sold out but I’ve linked the coral and navy colours due to its reasonable price for an amazing quality.



Personally, the olive green is light as air and makes me feel breezy. I find myself going back to purchase Love and Bravery Maxi dresses as their material has a relaxed vibe even with the humid weather in Singapore!



The highlight of this dress is no alternations are needed! It stops perfectly at my ankle:)



Like every woman, I’m concerned about showing my fats. But this dress is fitted at my upper torso and flowy at the bottom, giving a feminine touch.



Of course, not forgetting the ability of flowy dresses and my love for twirling in them, making me look like a goddess!



To end off the look, I thought a pastel sexy strapped heeled sandals from Melissa would make the perfect cut:)



You might be wondering the choice of my dresses in this blogpost are all from Love and Bravery. There’s definitely two reasons!

Both my Button Down dress and Maxi dress have pockets that are stylish and comes in handy for basic items like phones, cards and money when you’re travelling light.



Also, these dresses are solid colours which are suitable for day to night wear and any occasion!



So, head down to Love and Bravery(L&B) for your Christmas fashion styles and shop their constant new arrivals that will blow your mind away:)

Merry Xmas! Cya in my next L&B fashion adventure:)


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