Swinging into New Year’s!

New Year is here and it means lots of things for us:)


Some of us would have just finished clearing up the mess at home or in our lives, some of us would have attended year end countdown parties and having the hangover. Some of us would still be on bed, just expecting another year to pass by like all the other years. While some of us would be busy dashing resolutions and goals for 2019.



I’ve never been a believer of resolutions as I never kept to them or had too many till I lost count of them. Haha!

This year, I’m going to swing things a little different! I’m going to have only ONE resolution throughout the year. That’s to “Love Myself!”Why this particular goal, you might ask?



Well, I’ve realized everyone is constantly chasing after happiness(which is not wrong). But, people don’t truly understand the meaning of ‘HAPPINESS.’



I feel happiness means doing the things you love. Unless you start cherishing and appreciating yourself, you’ll never learn to love the people around you. You got to first accept your body and personality with pride and dignity, for people to value and love you:)



Many of us fall into the trap when someone close stop loving us or leave us for other people, we question and doubt ourselves. Instead, we should constantly tell ourselves that every day is a new beginning for us to improve and treasure ourselves!



My challenge this year is to live by the mantra “Love Myself!”Since, I’m a fashion addict, I’m going to explore diverse fashion trends that fits my body type and personality. As you’ll are aware, I’m more of the petite chubby size but I’ll not let this affect my fashion choices:)



So, I’m kickstarting 2019 with a fusion of Abstract Prints and Maxi style from Love and Braveryhttp://loveandbravery.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=abstract%20dress



Usually, my choice would be solid colour Maxi dresses as they’re easier to match and style. But, this year I’m changing my fashion sense and stepping out of my comfort zone 🙂


I feel this abstract print dress gives the young and carefree vibe. I wear it to both work and for outings as its light weight, perfect for humid weather. It also comes with adjustable straps to either make it loose or tight fitting, the way you want it! I’ve linked other abstract designs that are stylish to wear too!



No outfit is complete without a comfy pair of heels. I’ve tried many heels from Charles and Keith, Pedro, Aldo and my verdict is you can never go wrong with a pair from Melissa http://loveandbravery.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=abstract%20dress



I love how soft the padding are on these heels, which hardly gives me blisters or leg pain after wearing it for a long time. It doesn’t mean super high heels are always classy. Something as simple as such kitten heels is also exclusive and I recommend it for daily wear:)



“It’s time to unfold new pages and start a new chapter in your life this 2019!”

I’ve started fulfilling my new year’s resolution of ‘Loving Myself’ by doing the thing I love most, which is fashion! You too should have a goal and make sure you see through it this year:)



Have a happy, healthy & fruitful 2019 guys!

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