Seoul: The Hidden Treasure

“Take Memories. Leave only Footprints behind!”


Travelling is like breathing to me! I’ve been to a number of countries and each place holds a special memory in my heart.



Personally, I’m not a fan of winter season as I have to wear many layers to keep myself warm. This makes me feel like a couch potato and the many layers hinders my walking speed. Despite it, some countries are worth to visit in Winter.



One of such countries is Korea. I feel Seoul is the most affordable Asian country to have your snow experience:)



Seoul is famous for fashion, beauty products, skincare and palaces. Yet, I’ve discovered some hidden gems specially for Winter!

Ready to uncover them?

Snow between your Toes…

If you’re looking for a peaceful and chill walk, the ‘Garden of Morning Calm’ will be your cup of tea.



When I walked into this garden during winter, I felt the serene vibe instantly! Whichever routes you take, it’s quiet and the sights are gorgeous.



With the heavy snowfall, I just love how the garden was decked with wild size Christmas trees and ornaments, certainty giving me the chirpy Christmassy mood:)



To top it off, the garden was decorated with dazzling light displays, that are magnificent in the night! Koreans stream in particularly for this lights show, can you imagine?



The horse and carriage was indeed a pleasant delight for a Cinderella fan like me!



Even when you go to Disneyland, you would never get the authentic experience of climbing the pumpkin carriage and the snowflakes flying around, making you feel like a true princess:)



I’m glad I walked further in to explore the garden and its unique exhibits. I totally had a blast with the snowflakes, though I was freezing!



My suggestion is to spend the whole day here and I assure you, no matter what season it is, all your stress will disappear magically:)



The Parisian Feel

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”



Of course, this adored quote is from ‘The Little Prince.’ It’s origination is from France but you can reminisce it by simply visiting Le Petit Prince at Gapyeong, Seoul.



At the entrance, I was pleasantly welcomed by a life sized version of Little Prince, making it seem very dreamy!



As I continued to explore this small village, I felt like I was in medieval time with antique settings and surrounded by the story of the Little Prince. I liked how everywhere I turned, some part of the story was following me:)



What was captivating, was the colourful bright buildings overseeing the mountain! This place is definitely a good spot to view the stunning sunrise and sunset against the backdrop of the mountain:)



Not forgetting where the story began, at the heart of France and its icon, the Eiffel Tower. Even though I’ve seen the actual tower, I never fail to get excited seeing more of them! This Eiffel Tower would be your goal is seeing the real one!



The plus point of going during Winter, is the Christmas decorations which transports you to Europe and gets you in the festive spirit:) It’s one of a kind experience you’ll never want to miss!



There are lots of things to do in Seoul when you take a trip there. Many bloggers have talked about their beauty products, shopping, food and etc.



I wanted to share two places that I extremely enjoyed in the Winter, which is just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re really there, you’ll just know it’s totally worth it:)

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