January Special: Work to Wild…

It’s the time of the month again where the holiday season has ended and we are all dreading to go back to work.



Trust me, even I have the nagging voice in my head and butterflies in my tummy as I don’t know what to expect in the coming work year.

Yet, all these anxieties fly away with the idea of planning my work wardrobe which gets me very excited!



When we think about work wear, we have this mindset that it has to be mundane and uncool.



Well, well you’re in for a treat! I’m going to share how you can style a simple look effortlessly with a little pinch of accessories:)



The biggest game changer in fashion for me is juggling around with accessories from jewellery to bags and shoes.



I love going the edgy way and this time its headed towards the wild side like this Pocahontas shoulder bag from Danielle Nicole https://www.danielle-nicole.com/collections/disney-dn



This bag is extremely versatile and I can store many things in it. It’s not a typical work bag yet I like to carry it to work as the ‘colours of the wind’ gives me hope that I’m going to have a good day:)



Inspired by Pocahontas, I’ve chosen feather earrings and arm cuff from Lovisa. I especially love the Leaf Spiral Cuff  https://www.lovisa.com/products/gold-leaf-spiral-arm-cuff and the trendy vibes for a work attire!



Spicing things up a little, is this Pom Pom shoes from Charles & Keith https://www.charleskeith.com/sg/catalogsearch/result/?q=pom+pom+shoe which I find super comfy and fun to wear.



As much as I’m a heels addict, sometimes flats like this pair, are my life saviors when I have to walk around or stand a lot at work.



You might be wondering with all these accessories, how do you tame the wildness to make it business appropriate?



Simple! Just throw in a neutral button down dress and you’ll have a polished and professional look, ready to take the working world by your feet:)



Everyone deserves a chilling night out after a hard day at work! That’s why I always keep an extra light piece of clothing in my bag to drop into, for a change of attire and have fun:)



To end off my night style, is this feather sandals from Steve Maden https://www.stevemadden.com/pages/search-results?q=feather%20sandals&page_num=3 that gives the tribal vibe to go and explore into the woods! Haha!



So, who says work outfits have to be basic and uninteresting. Just look into your wardrobe, mix and match your accessories and I’m sure whether work is tough or not, your attire can definitely solve any work issues:)



More work inspired looks spinning through from May! Don’t miss it:)


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