Barcelona in 4 Days!

“You cannot control the past. But you can control where you’re going next!”

In this February travel adventure series, I’m taking you down on a ride to my most favourite part of the world, Spain!



Paella, Flamenco, Spanish football, pretty little cities and super friendly Spaniards are some of my fond memories here!



Without doubt, you cannot pass by Spain not dropping by the hipster part of it, Barcelona! The vibrant surroundings melted my heart completely:)



When I was in Barcelona, one famous icon kept popping up in my face. That’s right! It’s Antoni Gaudi’s magnificent work.



                               La Sagrada Familia

On my first day in Barcelona, I visited Gaudi’s prominent piece, La Sagrada Familia.



I was mesmerized by the exterior spires which are extremely tall and gorgeous for a church. A pity I couldn’t view the complete construction as they are still in the midst of building eight more roofs by 2020. I’m sure this basilica will be dazzling by then!



While I was walking towards La Sagrada, I was admiring the intricate designs painstakingly carved on the façade. I felt like the events that happened in the bible was alive in my presence:)








If the exterior was this astonishing, the interior is no less remarkable! Gaudi was inspired by nature. So, the columns are meant to replicate trees, giving us the feeling that we are in the forest.






What blew my mind are the tinted glasses and the reflection from them!



I’ve been to churches with tinted glasses but Gaudi’s creativity of bringing in varied colours, is what I adore about La Sagrada.





The reflection from the tinted glasses certainty has a rainbow vibe and brightens up the whole basilica (View my insta @fashiondiaryinspiration for these tinted glass colours’ videos)






                                    Park Guell

As if La Sagradawas not enough for me to be dumbfounded by Gaudi’s talent, Park Guell made me realise Gaudi’s fun and wildly imaginative side too!







It was hard not to fall in love with this public park’s playful and lively colours. The salamander is not to be missed, with its artistic look!





The twisted angles and ceilings were a delight to my eyes and I felt like I was in a magical world of Hansel and Gretel:) 







Park Guell brings out your childish desires and that’s why it’s always packed with locals and tourists! I simply loved the spirit and style of this park:)







I must say this man is a genius when it comes to designing innovative buildings. I’ve seen many European structures but, none is like Gaudi’s touch!


Being transported from a wizardly world to medieval period was a pleasant surprise on my second day:)




Girona is an attractive little town that sits between Barcelona and Costa Brava and is rather laid back.

The first thing that captivated me was the Onyar river which runs at the heart of Girona.


The view is breathtaking and seeing it from the Eiffel bridge is really one of a kind experience!









This bridge is prominent here as Gustav Eiffel himself built it before the Eiffel Tower was introduced to the world.





It’s nice to walk along the bridge and see the other side of the town where the Jews used to live. I liked exploring the narrow, cobblestone streets of the Jewish Quarter.







This ancient lanes are preserved extremely well and a joy to sightsee, despite being the last surviving quarters in the world. The Jewish museum speaks a lot about this community’s lifestyle in the past!









Before heading to the cafes or small shops, you need to drop by the Girona Cathedral at the top of the hill. The long flight of steps might be quite tiring to climb but the scenic view is worth it!









If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you would have recognized that some parts of it was filmed in this Cathedral and the Jewish Quarters:)



Girona is a refreshing town to tour within a day and a break away from the hustle of cities!



                                   Spanish Sunshine

On my third day, I decided to be a bit more light hearted and get some sunshine in the beach. The palm trees and clear sky blue ocean was just beyond words!


Though it was sunny, the cold breeze was an enjoyable addition:)




Of course, I needed to sum up my whole Spanish experience by taking a trip down to Barcelona stadium!



Spaniards are passionate about their football and it can be seen from how stunningly they have designed their gigantic stadium:)







I’m not really a football fan but I was fascinated with the way they preserve their wins and matches along the years (Check my insta @fashiondiaryinspiration for Stadium videos).





Football fans, you definitely got to drop by Barcelona stadium and you would be speechless:)





I feel the best time to explore Barcelona is in June, during Summer, so that you can do more activities and be in the open!


I prefer skirts and dresses in this weather and I highly recommend light clothes to pack in Summer:)


Hope you guys have enjoyed my Barcelona adventure.

Cya in my next month travels:)

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