Hattrick in a Trench coat! 

How many of you have this idea that Trench Coats can only be worn during Winter or Spring? Well, I used to think like that too, given its heavy weight & warm ability!



But this simple look is evolving rapidly. Today trench coats are trending as lightweight, in diverse styles and worn on a daily basis!

I’ve taken a personal liking for this Monochrome Kimono Trench Coat from Moss House Boutique.




Moss House Boutique is an upcoming brand and their designs are youthful, vibrant, classy and affordable. One unique feature about them is that 10% of purchases are donated to organisations that support women who have suffered from domestic abuse, which I feel is indeed admirable! You can use code ‘STYLE25’ for 25% off your purchases here:)




Particularly, I adore Moss House Boutique’s coats which has an extensive range from Belted to ‘Poncho’ and Fur ones. I wanted something stylish and versatile so the Kimono is the best fit!



Here’s some inspiration on how you can play around with ONE coat to create three various looks, simply from your closet:)

1.Classic Denim & Sneakers

Looking for a Casual day look? Just pick a blue tee, pants and style it with a trench coat!



Coats with unique designs like this from Moss House Boutique(Plain & Striped), are making waves recently as it creates an attractive balance between minimalist inner outfit and the flamboyant exterior.





I feel this Kimono Coat can transform the simplest top and jeans attire, making it look more polished.




Pairing this coat with a comfy jeans is definitely an extra bonus!

This hipster jeans from Esprit is lightweight and I can wear them throughout summer, without any complaints.




Of course, I have to end off with my most favourite Sneakers from Melissa!

You can just slip right off and doesn’t cause any blisters. It is suitable for travelling and it’s my go-to pair for most of my photo shoots!




This overall chic look can be worn while you’re shopping, sipping your drinks or even for Brunch:)



2.Colour Pops & Pastels

Colour Pop adds a fun energy to your streamlined attires!




I chose this juicy pink and mint Skirt from Topshop as I thought it would be perfect for Spring! I simply adore the sparkly sequins on this skirt.






I feel the Kimono Coat is a great top layer for this sparkly skirt and Ombre sandals, which is why I’m obsessed over this outfit:)




To have an edgy street vibe, I added fancy accessories like the Crescent Earrings and Dream Catcher Chain from Lovisa.




Pull this trendy move whenever you want to look like you’ve got it all together and you’re ready to hit the party zone at night:)





3.Over a Midi Dress

Out on a Date? A dress with a trench never fails to perk you up!





I feel this Kimono Coat looks timeless and effortless when thrown over a pretty Sunshine Midi dress.





The unconventional mix of colours and a neutral coat, is an ensemble that will surely turn heads around!





For a Spring twist on footwear, glittery and killer heels like mine from Guess, accentuates a chic and sexy vibe!




Tips: If you’re going for a young vibe, I would suggest a fitted and shorter trench coat while a longer one, for a mature and classy look:)



I feel that owning a trench coat is one of the most necessary accessory in any woman’s closet! No matter what your personal style is, this sophisticated piece always adds a new flavor to your look:)



So, destress and head down to Moss House Boutique to grab a dashing trench coat to kickstart your Spring today!


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