Sunset with Capitola!

Sunset is a way of telling us that everyday can end beautifully. It gives us an opportunity to set aside our problems, worries and distractions for a better tomorrow! That’s what I love about sunsets:)

Naturally, I feel the best Sunset view is at the beach, with the waves flowing and the sun rays’ calming effect on me!

So, when Capitola, a Californian brand, recently reached out for a collaboration, I picked a casual yet stylish watch to accompany me for my Sunset evening.

Shop my Gold Rose Khaki Watch from and use my code FASHIONDIARY15 for 15% off your order! You can shop both Men and Women watches here!

I was attracted to this particular design as its very youthful and complements well with any outfit from dresses to jumpsuits and even denims.

I feel the Khaki Rose Gold combination has a classy and unique touch which I don’t see much in watches. Not forgetting how affordable this brand is!

Finally, if you ask me which is the best beach in Singapore to enjoy Sunsets, I would definitely say the beach at Coney Island. It’s serene with very few people around. But, remember to leave latest by 6.45 as the gates close at 7pm:)

Happy Shopping at Capitola with my code & hope you find a watch that suits your personality, like me:)


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