4 Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin!

‘Pour yourself a Drink, put on some lipstick and go out to conquer the world!’

I know it’s a never ending battle for dark skin tone people like us to be able to pick the correct lipstick shade and shine in it.

For many years, I have explored with many colours and brands of lipstick. Now, I have some favourites which are affordable, makes me stylish and the most important, lasts the whole day, with hardly much touch-ups needed!

Are you excited to find out the shades and brands?

Hot Blooded…

You can never go wrong with a classic red lipstick which I feel makes any lady sexy instantly!

I would recommend Fenty’s latest Juicy ‘Hot Blooded Lipstick’ ($32) as the red is timeless and highly pigmented. 

It is so smooth on my lips and has a beauty finish. This shade really does wonders on me!

2. Purpsicle

I find purple rather unique on my skin tone but it’s never easy to pull it off well. Pastel purple makes me look like a zombie and dark purple like a vampire.

Fenty’s latest ‘Purpsicle’ Lipstick ($32) is heavenly as the purple shade is just the right mix for dark skin tone. 

This is my current obsession when I want to get out of my comfort zone and try something different in the weekends:) 

3. A Whole New World

Picking the perfect shade is definitely like exploring a whole new world of lipstick land for me!

I’m glad with M.A.C. latest collaboration with Aladdin, my wish of a sweet pink has been granted.

What I love about M.A.C’s ‘Whole New World’ shade, is its velvet matte finish that is simply stunning and makes me feel like a princess:) 

To sparkle and dazzle during special occasions, you can top the pink up with ‘Jewels of Jewel’!

4. Neutralzz…

Nude shades are definitely a must for everyday wear! Look no further as Huda Beauty’s PowerBullet collection has nude colours that complements dark skin tone exceptionally well:) 

I’m a fan of ‘Third Date’ ‘Pool Party’ as both have neutral finishes that matches my skin tone charmingly.

This lipstick brand is super moisturizing and light on my lips and I never have to put on a 2nd coat even till the end of the day! Isn’t it amazing?

Huda has released a new PowerBullet ICON collection and this time the shades are insanely exquisite. Check out my Instagram (@fashiondiaryinspiration)and see my reviews for these latest shade:) 

Hope you guys have some inspiration from this post to explore lipstick shades that you’ve always wanted! Take the step and try new vibrant colours as you may be surprised how magnificent it will look on you:) 


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