LUSH Skincare Review!

Every time I walk past any LUSH outlets in Singapore, the sweet aroma of its Bath Balls tempts me to enter:) 

So, one fine Saturday morning after my photoshoot, I decided to step into the LUSH Suntec outlet and you would never imagine what happened!

I always knew LUSH was famous for its Bath Balls but did you know they have an incredible natural skincare range too?


I was very surprised at first and it was perfect as I was on a hunt to discover a better mask to help with two of my skin issues: Blackheads & Refreshing/ Cooling effect (Singapore’s humidity!)

The LUSH staff at Suntec are extremely friendly. Jo, one of the staff, walked me through a hands-on demo after hearing about my skin concerns. 

She took a variety of mask and suggested some cleansers that will work better with them.

I enjoyed the demo as Jo was sharing with me some tips on when and how to use the mask. Not missing out on the fragrance in both the mask & cleansers:) 

There were a few products Jo tried on me and eventually I chose 2 mask which I really liked the way it felt on my hand.

Don’t Look At Me has the brightening and cooling effect instantly when you apply on your face. I love the peppermint scent and the smurf like vibe! It is recommended to apply twice in a week for 20 minutes. 

Mask of Magnaminity is greenish and helps with clearing blackheads. 

The almonds cater to acne prone skin, so you need not worry about breakouts! You apply it the same way as Don’t Look At Me.

To complement the above 2 masks, Angels on Bare Skin is a cleanser that you can immediately jump into, after using a makeup remover.

It acts as an exfoliator and leaves a smooth and clearer texture on your skin! I feel completely refreshed and all the dirt removed from my face:) 

I adore LUSH products as it suits all skin types and addresses the current skin concern you may have! You can use the mask up till 6 months if you keep it chill:) 

One more thing I love about LUSH skincare is its all made from natural ingredients. I was looking for non-alcohol products and I was able to find a few! I prefer non-alcohol ingredients since I have sensitive skin and so far LUSH works pretty well for me:) 

Lastly, LUSH believes in saving the environment and so once you have collected 5 tubs, you can exchange it for a FREE Mask, worth $40 (SGD). I mean how cool is that right?

Also, I got a FREE gift: LUSH Mascara which is $20 and I am super excited to use it!!!

Hope you guys are inspired to try LUSH products as they not only smell awesome but their masks and cleansers works wonders as well:) 

When you have the time, head down to the LUSH outlet at SUNTEC Singapore and I’m sure the staff would be more than happy to assist you!


(This is not a sponsored post!)

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