Outfit Challenge!

Every day, I stand in front of my wardrobe and think I don’t have anything new to wear. I’m sure you can relate to this right? Haha! So, I realized instead of shopping for new clothes monthly, why not shop my wardrobe?

It simply means, working my wardrobe and making the most out of it. Of course, it saves me money, gives me stress-free mornings and new styles daily! For starters, I decided to go with a simple and vibrant crop top from Zara:) 

1) Weather Guide…

One of the factors that influences my attire is definitely the weather!

To beat Singapore’s heat, light weight pants is my go-to. This Pokka Dot Pants from Zara spells business casual for meetings and I love the thin material which prevents me from perspiring a lot.

2) Daily activities zone…

Definitely, my day schedule gives priority to the attires I pick out. I mean you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reason right?

I prefer to pair my crop top with my jumpsuit from VICI, on days I am chilling after work. Even during weekends, going out for meals with my girlfriends or family, I feel this outfit speaks trendy yet effortless!

What about formal or special occasions? Can I still wear this T-shirt material Top? The answer is YESSSSS!

Knowing me, combining a neon orange skirt from Bershka with my crop top, is screaming NEON ALERT! Haha!

So, I kept my accessories more neutral like a blue clutch which gives an elegant vibe. You can opt for a black skirt with this top, to make it more subtle:) 

I know it can be daunting to think of different styling ways for one piece. Trust me, even for me, coming up with this blog post and unique ways to bring out this crop top sophisticatedly, was not easy.

My advice, BABY STEPS… Start small when you are putting your outfits together. It will make you more creative on how to use the pieces in your closet and you will save lots of money!

My next challenge will be picking out 10 pieces to style from my wardrobe! Be sure to catch it when I launch on my insta @fashiondiaryinspiration


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