4 Closet Basics from Manuela & Co.

Basics may sound boring but if picked and matched appropriately, you can transform even a simple attire into a style statement!

I feel that every woman needs to have a few basics in her wardrobe. That’s why when Manuela & Co approached me to be an ambassador, my first thought was to choose basics and build my closet from them:) 

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Functional Blouse…

Having a top in my cupboard that suits for all purposes, is a gift to me! This Blush Rosana Blouse is what I’m talking about https://www.manuelaco.com/collections/catalog/products/rosana-top

Styling it with a skirt, can be a day to night look. I can either bun up my hair for work, which is professional or let my hair down for a fun night out.

This top is hard to say NO as the colour is sweet, feminine and you can throw in any accessories with a bottom, to make a chic attire:) 


No matter where you are, at the beach or going for brunch, you can never refuse a good pair of shades to protect your eyes from the scorching sun!

I love my Leblon Sunglasses from Manuela & Co as the small frames fits my petite face perfectly and is super classy. Be sure to choose sunglasses as fashionable as this pair from here:) 

Leggings Fever…

I like how leggings is revolving to be an alternate for jeans and spells COMFORT for me! Many people think since leggings are tight fitting, it makes you fatter. Well, here’s the secret…

Pick a pair that compliments your body structure! You can discover loads of elegant leggings from Manuela & Co.

My personal favourite is this Mandala Leggings (Size L) https://www.manuelaco.com/collections/catalog/products/mandala-leggings as the stretchy and thin material doesn’t make me perspire when it’s sunny yet keeps me cool indoors!

On a lighter note, this Bianca Leggings in White, is a lot effortless to mix it up for formal and sporty look. In this pair, I can flaunt my lower body, especially my legs without baring my body!

If you think you can only wear leggings for workouts, grab a pair from Manulea & Co. and you would be ruling your own runway daily:) 

Stackable Rings…

The trend of layering multiple rings on fingers, has an artsy and bohemian vibe!

I’m going for a bold look here from Manuela & Co https://www.manuelaco.com/collections/catalog/products/amor-boho-rings as I have mixed attention grabbing sparkly designs with thinner bands.

The whole idea of stackable rings is having fun and wearing the amount and designs that speaks your personality, which you can find from Manuela & Co. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a basic from Manuela & Co to game up your closet today! 

This is a Sponsored Post:) 

Cheers! Till my next fashion adventure!

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