Dresses are my instant go-to every single time I open my closet. Wondering why?

Here’s the thing! I feel dresses are effortless as I don’t need to think about what top or bottom to pair it with. I just pick it, add some simple accessories and fly out of my house!

So, for those of you who never take a second look at dresses, I’m going to show you that dresses can create the first impression you’ve always wanted:) 

I cannot stop gushing over how fabulous and vibrant Matigol’s dresses are! Check them out and you’ll know what I mean: https://matigol.com/collections/dresses

You can use my code PARA25PL for 25% discount while shopping here:) 

My personal favourite from Matigol has to be this Red Striped Dress https://matigol.com/collections/dresses/products/striped-print-dress?variant=19737836683337

The T-shirt material makes it suitable for the humid weather and I hardly perspire in this dress. I just love the sassy and dressy vibe this dress gives!

Of course, the vibrant colours and the fact that stripes never run out of fashion, is another temptation to grab this Maxi dress:) 

If you’re looking for something more subtle and classy, this Black and Green Floral Print Dress will be perfect https://matigol.com/collections/dresses/products/elegant-sexy-backless-flower-print-dress?variant=19796220215369

I feel this dress is extremely versatile. You can wear it to work with a white cardigan for a formal look.

At night, you can make it sexy by wearing it as a sleeveless dress!

What’s more? It has a beachy vibe and you can throw it on during your beach/island vacations stylishly:) 

Yes, I know some of us may not be comfortable with the idea of wearing dresses. You may feel it does not show off the best sides of your body. My suggestion, choose a print or colour that suits your body size. Most importantly, pick a dress you are comfortable with, to flaunt! 

Take your first step to Matigol’s closet and I’m sure you will find just the dress you need to impress anyone in it, even yourself:) Check my Instagram @fashiondiaryinspiration for more of Matigol’s dresses! 

Till my next fashion adventure!


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