10 Sephora Christmas Gifts within $50…

This is the time of the year when most of us are excited and anxious! The season of giving, CHRISTMAS:) 

As we all go crazy this season, it’s always good to have a budget to work on when gifting our loved ones. Where can you find presents that are affordable, perfect & a sure HIT among ladies?

None other than at Sephora! I must say Sephora Holiday deals never fail to amaze and tempt me. Their packaging are super gorgeous and even when you don’t need it, something will whisper in your ear, to just get it:) 

While there are endless cosmetics to put in your shopping cart, here’s 10 of my favourite brands and the deals you’ll regret if you miss this Christmas!

STILA Liquid Eyeshadow

One of the best Liquid Eyeshadows I have ever tried. I love how smooth STILA’s texture is and the sparkles speaks Christmas! 

It’s only $23 and I chose the purple set as I find it rather unique with other neutral colours silver and gold. If you’re a eyeshadow fan, I would recommend this set as wearing it, is effortless:) 

2. SEPHORA Igloo Palace Palette

Want an All-in-One Face Palette? Then, you definitely cannot miss the Igloo Palace set from SEPHORA itself. It is only $39 and it has everything ranging from Blush, Highlighters, Lip gloss and Eyeshadows. 

Both in vibrant and neutral colours, this face palette is sure to take you from casual to formal looks! A MUST HAVE gift for anyone who loves makeup or starting to use makeup:) 


A lip gloss and a moisturizer for only $19? Yes believe it! I have been using CLINIQUE’s moisturizer some time and I love its hydrating effect throughout the day. 

So, if you’re looking for a moisturizer that goes well with your makeup, CLINIQUE has been working its magic on me! I feel this is the best skincare set from Sephora this year that’s sold out online, but still available in stores:) 

4. TOO FACED: Kiss & Bronzer Set

Okies, I got to admit, the super cute Gingerbread pouch screamed out to me! The kick in this set is how gingerbread is both on the Bronzer and Lipstick and its only for $50 from TOO FACED

I simply love the lip colour which is orange and subtle (Check my Instagram @fashiondiaryinspiration on 23/12 when I wear it). I feel the Bronzer fits medium to dark skin tone perfectly:) 

5. FRESH Trio Lip Set

FRESH is a brand I go to for treating my lips right after wearing lipstick the entire day. My lips are dry and tend to peel off easily. With FRESH’s lip care, my lips have a smooth finish.

There are three steps for Lip care: Step 1: Exfoliate with Lip Polish which helps with dry lips, Step 2: Nourish with Lip Advanced Therapy which smooths fine line and wrinkles on the lips, Step 3: Add a sweet touch with Caramel for moisture.

I feel this gift set is value for money as it’s only $44 and usually each item is $30:) 

6. LANEIGE Mask Set

I am excited to use this travel size mask set! I am a fan of the Water Sleeping Mask which I use it overnight and the next day my face is refreshed. Now, I can try both the Lavender and CICA sleeping mask to see if it suits my skin well.

Lavender is for brighter looking skin and CICA is for regeneration of the skin. So, if you’re looking for a good overnight mask, I will strongly recommend getting this set for only $40 and trying them out to see which suits your skin condition better:) 

7. CAUDALIE Hand & Nail Cream Set

For a long time, I have searched for a cream that strengthens my nails and nourishes my hands. CAUDALIE has such an effect on my hands and I love the White Musk and Ginger scent. 

Only $20, this set surely helps those of you who have soft nails that breaks easily, like mine, to be firmer. Once you use this cream that comes in three scents, you need not worry about your nail art breaking fast:) 

8. SEPHORA Nail Polish Set

I am a Nail Polish Addict and enjoy painting my nails with colours. If you’re like me, you cannot miss the 6 Colour Hit Nail Polish Set from SEPHORA which is only $22 and dries within 15 minutes! 

Originally, 1 nail polish is $8 but with this gift set, you are saving lots more for 6 neutral and festive colours:) 

9. TOO FACED Mascara

Thinking how to get rich and black lashes this Christmas? Don’t think so hard! TOO FACED has got you covered in their Damn Girl Mascara which is water proof and gives volumes to your lashes. 

It’s only $14 and it is super popular. Get yours in Sephora stores before its sold out AGAIN:) 

10. BECCA Lipstick

A lipstick that lasts long and hydrates the lips, making it look shiny throughout can be tricky to find. With BECCA’s mini kit for $40, you can choose either to go for something lively or subtle this season:) 

Hope you guys have some ideas on what presents to get if you have a budget this year and don’t want to disappoint your loved ones! If it’s sold out online, I recommend going straight to SEPHORA outlets like in Dhoby Ghaut, Vivocity, Bugis Plus & Tampines 1 where they have more stocks of the items in my Blog.

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas:) 


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