What’s New in my Wardrobe?

With the New Year here, in with the new and out with the old right? Oh, I don’t mean throwing away your clothes but certain aspects of your life that may bring bitter memories to you.

2019 has been rather a challenging year for me in terms of my career, goals and relationships. I may not have made the best decisions but looking forward, I have learnt valuable lessons in 2019 and probably become much wiser for 2020. I am sure you too may want to start anew in some areas of your life! I say, GO FOR IT:) 

So, with 2020, I thought why not begin it with some Glitz & Glamour!

I definitely have to share with you this Maxi Dress I got from Wish https://www.wish.com/search/butterfly%20dress only for $20. Can you believe it?

I am usually quite skeptical to purchase clothes from Wish as the sizing is a miss most of the times since they don’t specify the model’s measurements. When I saw this dress, I knew I had to get it for the super adorable prints (I am a butterfly fan!) and reasonable price for a Maxi Dress! Who can say NO? 

After reading the reviews (super helpful), I got this dress in M size and I didn’t have high expectations, in case I was disappointed. To my pleasant surprise, I am simply OBSESSED with it now for many reasons…..

I love how thin the material is, which makes it comfortable to wear on humid days and still keeping me warm in aircon places. For a petite person like me, the length is perfect and I didn’t have to make any alterations to suit my height!

Of course, it gives me the modern Cinderella vibe, with the butterflies and princess feel! When some days are hard, going into princess mode just puts things into perspective to treat yourself well:) 

However, one small hitch with Wish is, it takes around 1 month for my items to arrive. So, if you’re planning to get something here, just be prepared to wait slightly longer and I’m sure you will not get disappointed. Read the reviews before deciding on your size coz they are a HUGE help!

What’s entering the New Year without a bit of Glitter?

I’ve always been searching for a unique coloured Sequin Dress, which is mostly in Black or White.

Can you imagine my delight once I set my eyes on this Pastel Sequin Dress https://www.pomelofashion.com/sg/en/clothes/26407-mini-flounce-sleeve-sequin-dress—blue.html from Pomelo?

Immediately, I tried on the L size and the Ombre design has a Sassy look which I loved! Yes, I don’t have many special occasions to wear this stunning dress too. That was my first thought. Yet, a woman should never miss out on a Sparkly dress that speaks to her body exceptionally well right?

Considering this is my first Shimmering Dress which is the simplest I can ever find and doesn’t prick me at all, I had to add it into my wardrobe! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my favourite Classy pick for some time:) 

If you’re thinking of adding 1 new item in your wardrobe this 2020, start with something small that you’ll wear year round and makes you happy! For me would be the Pink Maxi Butterfly Dress I’ll wear many times!!!

Here’s wishing you a Splendid Year with lots of Peace, Joy, Good Health & most importantly HAPPINESS:) 


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