Going Contemporary with Pasha India!

I have always loved my Indianess especially with Saris as nothing can beat its Grace and Sexiness! Yet, I feel it’s so grand and appropriate mostly for special occasions. Can I wear it casually? Hmm… not my cup of tea in pulling off 6 yards of Glitter & Bling daily.

So, when I came across Pasha India, an online shop, I couldn’t contain my excitement as I love their Fusion approach to traditional Indian outfits that you can flaunt stylishly every day. A mixture of Pastel and Poppy colours, which certainly does not burn a hole in your pocket! Now, they are having a HUGE SALE and I’m here to share with you some of my picks 🙂 

Fusion Sari…

Loving Saris but dreading the complicated tying process even with Youtube’s help? I totally feel you! With Pasha India’s Fusion Saris, you no longer need to stand in front of the mirror for 15 to 20 minutes, figuring out how to tie a Sari properly. All you need is ONLY 2 minutes 🙂 

I am obsessed with this Blush Sari Dress as you simply have to wear it like a dress, put the scarf over your shoulder, clip the belt and you’re good to go! It’s that effortless and chic … https://pashaindia.com/product/flower-valley/

I highly recommend this outfit for those who have never worn Sari as you could never master how to tie it or who love Saris but want a more casual feel in it.

The silky material really makes the experience of wearing a Sari so carefree and comfortable. I am wearing a Size L and it fits me perfectly. It comes in a Pants form as well if you prefer pants over dresses, which is still fashionable!

Also, for those of you who are uncomfortable and shy in showing your tummy like me, this Fusion Sari is a MUST as the tummy area is completely covered, showing just a little of your legs for a classy vibe:) 

Jumpsuit Style…

Thinking how to nail a Jumpsuit look without going the extra mile?

Well, I feel this jumpsuit from Pasha India is extremely Trendy with the refreshing mint and subtle floral prints, making it feminine https://pashaindia.com/product/4738/

Not forgetting, the thin and comfy material which hardly makes me perspire in Singapore’s heat and humidity. I’m wearing Size M and you don’t need to worry about the waist as there are adjustable drawstrings at the back of the jumpsuit. I mean how cool right?

This jumpsuit is always my number one GO-TO for casual outings and even to temples!

I can go on forever about Pasha India and their amazing range of contemporary attires from Tops, Saris, Dresses, Jumpsuits and Kurtas. 

Once you look at their collection, I’m sure you’ll get hooked to them like me: https://pashaindia.com

Enjoy Shopping:) 


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