LUSH Valentine’s Specials!

Valentine’s Day has arrived early in LUSH and it’s way better than before! From Sweet to Floral and Almond aroma, you name it, LUSH got you and your loved ones covered. Ready to fall deep in love with 10 Limited Edition Products?

You can also check out my Instagram (@fashiondiaryinspiration) this coming week on some of the V day Limited Edition Colourful Bath Bomb Videos by me! 

Shower Gels…


Are you ready for the BANANA dance this V Day? Haha! Omg, I totally am obsessed with this NANA gel and how soft and creamy my skin is, after using it! A little amount goes a long way for this.

It smells exactly like caramel pudding and the sweet delicious fragrance perks you up instantly. If you like YOG NOG(Christmas collection), you will be addicted to NANA since it’s twice sweeter. My most favourite treat at the end of the day:) 

Prince Charming!

Still waiting for your Prince Charming to come? Well, I’m sure you will certainly not be disappointed with this Pomegranate Prince in your shower!

I love how the combination of Pomegranate, Marshmallow and Vanilla makes your skin fresh and leaves a juicy scent. Don’t be fooled by the redness as it gives you the royal highness of calmness, to overcome any struggles in your day:) 

Almond Blossom!

Spring’s here and Almond Blossoms are a MUST! With almond and sweet marzipan, this gel makes your skin soft and gentle.

Fun fact is that the fair trade almond oil here gives the Palestinian farmers who grow the almonds a steady income. So, I thought why not do a tiny part of helping these farmers this V Day. You too can do a small gesture like this which not only helps to soothes your skin but a random act of kindness as well:) 

Check my Instagram IGTV (@fashiondiaryinspiration) this coming week on my try-ons for these Shower Gels! 

Body Conditioners…

Thinking how to use Body ConditionersWell, that was my initial thought to when I was introduced to this. Simply, use it in your shower after either your soap or gel to hydrate your skin! This V Day, LUSH has 2 special launches for you…


It’s Mingle moment when you meet the Tingle Body conditioner! The Peppermint scent refreshes you and really puts you in a cheery mood. Not forgetting how it relaxes your sore muscles which is exactly what you need to unwind yourself.

Tingle comes both in a tub or the naked way, whichever you are comfortable with. Personally, I like the Naked one which is eco-friendly:) 

RO’s Argan!

Who says you need to Roses this V Day? This RO’s Argan Body Conditioner will do wonders just like the real roses. It is super nourishing and soothing for the body. The rose scent will magically transport you to a garden of flowers! If you’re a floral lover, RO’s Argan is the perfect V Day gift to yourself or your loved ones:) 

Bath Bombs…

Love in the Bathtub?

Don’t be cheeky! Haha! I love the idea of LUSH specially dedicating 2 LOVE Bath Bombs this Valentines that are extremely adorable and the fragrance is to die for!!!

Love Locket!

Time to unlock your love with this Strawberry Amaze ball! This would definitely spark up your V day with vibrant colours, bringing a huge SMILE to your face instantly.

A secret is inside the stopper! Once you open it, there are tiny heart bath bombs, which are super exciting to release in the bathtub! Give this HEART to the person who you think truly deserves such a blissful bathe, even yourself:) 

Love Boat!

Have you heard of setting sail to a fruity paradise? Yes, it’s possible with the Love Boat Bath Bomb which is shaped like a ship, full of juicy fruits to sink your troubles away!

Don’t miss this Love Boat as you may never know where you’ll end up with the orange and lemon scent, making you hop and skip the entire day:) 

Floating Flower!

How about floating in Blue Milky water? Sounds tempting right!

You can chill in this sweet scent of chrysanthemum and almond oil which gives the skin a magnificent glow and a restful night to enjoy your V Day. Watching the flower floating is rather therapeutic and pleasant! Be sure to catch this bath bomb before it floats away to Neverland:) 


This V day, do away with butterflies in your tummies as this pretty Bath Bomb will simply blow your mind away!

The lemon and rose will make you want to come back for more radiance than ever. Flap your wings and find your way to this Butterfly Bath Bomb:) 


You cannot have Valentines without having a little naughty treat by Peachy Bath Bomb! The Grapefruit and the Peach lingers sweetly on you the whole day. Once you smell this, it will be super hard for you to keep it away. Hurry, grab this as it’s running out fast:) 

I totally love LUSH’s V day treats this year which are extremely sweet, very much to my liking and adorable designs!

Happy Valentine’s you guys and remember before you love anyone else, don’t forget to love the person who you see daily in the mirror, YOURSELF! You matter the most and so make sure you get yourself something really nice from LUSH to pat your back. I know I have gotten mine:) 


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