LUSH 2020 Perfume Releases…

‘Perfume is the art that makes Memory Speak!’

As you know by now, I’m a fragrance fanatic and when I heard LUSH was having a Perfume Masterclass, I certainly couldn’t miss it for the world! It was my first time attending a Perfume Spa on LUSH’s latest launches and it was super informative, relaxing and fun:) 

We started with one of my favourite things, choosing Positive Quotes while having Peppermint Tea! The quote I chose was appropriate with my year’s goal which is keeping my mind, body and soul healthy, happy & tranquil. We talked about our aspirations and I realized sharing with people my dreams, clears my mind and makes me focused on things I love and am passionate about! You should try talking things out sometimes!

Then came the exciting part… LUSH’s 2020 Perfume Collection, handpicked by the Suntec Outlet exclusively. I got the chance to try all the 6 new Perfumes and I’ve categorized it according to the various fragrances:) 

Floral Scents!

If you’re a floral lover, you definitely have to give PANSY and B SCENT a go!

PANSY leaves a stronger floral orange finish on your body after a while, once it settles on your skin. I feel the Rosemary lingers around longer, giving a perky vibe! PANSY is a little too intense for me though.

While, B SCENT is a bit more subtle as compared to PANSY since it has grapefruit and jasmine in it. I feel the jasmine overpowers the grapefruit, making B SCENT floral yet earthly! I would consider this as an option for me:) 

Earthly & Woody Scents!

I find Earthly and Woody scents surprisingly calming and reminiscing. If you’re one with the nature, these three Perfumes below are a perfect fit for you!

GRASS is the most unique and refreshing perfume I’ve come across in my life. It literally smells like fresh grass and with a hint of violet, it has a strong Earthly scent. I feel GRASS has a distinctive fragrance and it can either be a hit or miss. You really have to spray it on your skin and see if its within your liking. Personally, it’s too strong and nature-like for me!

SUPERWORLD UNKNOWN has a whimsy feel with the sandlewood, floral and chocolate caramel. On first instance, this Perfume was sweet on my skin. As time went by, it became an Earthly and Woody scent since my body is warm. I have to say, it certainty is stimulating on the skin and mind!

GINGER has the interesting combination of Mimosa & Sandlewood. This scent is subtle and the sandlewood stays longer on the skin. You might think there would be spicy elements in it. But, I feel this gives a Woody vibe, reminding me of a Wood toy store. Personally, I am not a fan of it, so this may not be one of my choices.

Sweet Scent!

Okies, my temptation for sweetness is my biggest weakness! When I sprayed ROSE JAM on me, immediately I knew I had to get it! 

I love how the mixture of rose and lemon blends so smoothly, leaving just the right amount of sweetness on me. YES, I bought ROSE JAM and I am using it daily now! For those out there who are addicted to sweet fragrance like me, this Perfume cannot go wrong for you:) 

Slate of the Day!

After smelling these 6 Perfumes, I had to choose 2 which I liked. Can you guess which I picked?

That’s right! ROSE JAM & B SCENT were my selection. So, the LUSH staff created a Slate of the Day based on these 2 fragrances with similar Scrub, Shower Gel and Massage Bars accompanying these Perfumes.

ROSE JAM is paired with Prince Charming Shower Gel and Pearl Massage Bar for the scent to last throughout the whole day. While B SCENT can be used with Ocean Salt Scrub and Each Peach Massage Bar, for the fragrance to stand out!

Hope you guys had fun reading this post as much as I enjoyed my Perfume Spa! Different outlets in Singapore carry various fragrances, so be sure to pick the right one that you love.

Also, take note LUSH’s Perfumes smell differently on everyone depending on their body temperature. So ROSE JAM smells sweet on me but may be even sweeter for your body. It’s always good to try out their fragrances on your skin and let it settle in first, before deciding which to purchase:) 

Till my next Lifestyle Adventure! Cheers:) 

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