Urban Decay Stay Naked Collection Review! 

I’m excited whenever there are new Makeup launches! This month in Sephora alone, many new brands surfaced. The one that caught my eye instantly is the Urban Decay Stay Naked collection with its Foundation, Powder and Concealer. I find that Urban Decay products are rather reasonable and lasts long for me especially their lipsticks and eyeshadows. I have never tried their foundation nor powder so this collection made me review their makeup range carefully.

Of course, the first product I always try on is Liquid Foundation! I feel that most makeup brands fail to carry the shade in between medium and dark. It’s either too light or too dark. But, I fall under the Caramel category so it’s tricky whenever I purchase foundation. At times, I can go up to three months to discover a shade that suits my skin perfectly.

So, when I applied the darkest shade 70 NN of the Stay Naked range, I was pleased at how the shade blended effortlessly on my skin. I liked the smoothness and the lightness, not making the foundation cakey on the skin. I kept it on for about three hours and when it oxidises, it doesn’t turn darker than normal, considering the fact I have oily skin. It stays rather true to the skin tone!

I definitely recommend the Liquid Foundation from the Stay Naked collection for those of you from Caramel to Medium and Light tones. However, I feel Urban Decay can improve this collection better by introducing more darker shades as this foundation is weightless, smooth, reasonable and doesn’t oxidize much:)

Next, the Fix Powder has good coverage to the skin and if you just want to use powder without any liquid foundation, I will recommend it. After some time, it’s hardly oily on the skin and stays throughtout without darkening. I also like how there is a separate compartment for keeping the sponge, for hygiene purposes!

Yet, when I used the darkest shade 60 NN on me, it was very light and even after it oxidises, it’s pretty fair on my skin. So, those of you from Caramel to Dark tones, you may want to skip this Powder and try other brands instead. Highly recommended for those of Light tones:)

Lastly, I tried the Stay Naked Correcting Concealer and as the name suggests, it does cover imperfections and black heads rather well. The 70NY is the darkest shade and when I applied it on my skin, it was not patchy and has a natural finish. It lasts long and doesn’t move at all even after some time.

But a small tip, if your face isn’t hydrated well, this concealer can form creaks, focusing on your fine lines. So, make sure your skincare routine is complete with the necessary hydration before applying it. I chose 70NY as I felt it blended nicely with the 70 NN liquid foundation:)

Personally, I find the Stay Naked Collection light, natural and long lasting on the face especially the liquid foundation and powder. However, it’s a pity it only caters more to Light, Medium and Caramel skin tones and certainly not for Dark tones. For Dark skin shades, my recommendations would be Kat Von D, Beauty Blender and Fenty! If there are more suggestions for Dark tones, please let me know in the comments below:)

Hope you found this review helpful! The Sephora online colour finder is not accurate at all. Remember to always try the shade directly on your skin and wait for some time to see if it settles nicely or appears to be cakey, creaking and darker.

So, what’s up next for Urban Decay I’m waiting eagerly for? It’s their Wired Collection with their Vibrant Eyeshadow Palette and Eyeliners which I cannot wait to review with you guys:)

Till then, stay beautiful inside and out:)


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