Colourful Prints from TheClosetLover!

“Life is a great big canvas, throw all the colours you can at it.”

As you know me, I love searching for colourful outfits and I feel Summer is all about having fun, living in the moment and throwing splashes of colours! So, can you imagine my excitement when I came across TheClosetLover’s latest launch of Vibrant colours? Yes! I’m jumping for joy and here’s two of my favourites from their Summer collection…

Akemmi Belted Dress… 

I’m a sucker when it comes to colourful prints and when my eyes fell on this Akemmi Belted Dress I knew instantly I had to get it! It comes in Pastel as well but Vivid is more lively and suits my bubbly personality. Since, I’m chubby I’m wearing a size L and it fits me perfectly!

I love the elegance the square neckline in this dress oozes and the cute buttons at the front, giving a vintage vibe! I also like how the belt is light and doesn’t carry the weight of the dress down. I feel the belt adds extra stylishness to the whole casual and fun look:)

I know what you’re thinking? Will you perspire in this dress? Definitely not! The chiffon material is thin and super comfortable for the humid weather in Singapore. Instead, I felt that this dress kept me cool during the peak afternoon hour when I was doing my photoshoot in it! Of course I will recommend it for work outfit when you need a dash of radiance and on casual outings when you just want to let your hair down and chill:)

Akemmi Kimono Vivid Cardigan…

I have been wanting to get a Kimono Cardigan for the longest time ever but nothing really suited my liking as either the size was too huge or the material was not comfortable for me.

When I tried size S of the Akemmi Kimono Vivid Cardigan , oh my I didn’t have the heart to remove it at all!

It was super Trendy and Chic, not baggy at all. I was able to effortlessly think about the neutral pieces in my wardrobe it can match my whites, blacks and plain solid poppy colours. If it complements most of your existing clothes, then it’s worth the buy right?

The best part is yet to come! They have pockets for functional purposes, which is very handy to put cards, money and even my tiny lip gloss, without sinking the cardigan:)

Though this cardigan can be worn with neutrals, I feel it is rather loud and recommend it to those of you who really want to stand out and be out there! I find it just right for Summer, mostly for fun outings or even your beach vacations:)

Hope you guys enjoyed my Summer Colour collection as much as I did! Hurry head down to TheClosetLover if you like any of them and there are more rainbow designs too! Have fun and stay cool:)

Cheers Parames!

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