Ways to stay Happy :)

What does Happiness mean to you? Getting the Limited Edition Luxury Bag? Shopping for new clothes or jewelry? Yes spending money on things we love, does make us happy. Have you wondered how long does this happiness last? Probably a week, best a month. Then, we are back to the same cycle of feeling down, spending money, etc.

I mean don’t get me wrong! After working so hard, we truly deserve to reward ourselves once in a while, for a pat on our backs. But, relating happiness to money is always short-lived. Trust me, even I used to buy things to make myself Happy. Eventually I realized, Happiness can be FREE if we are willing to embrace it! Ready to let everything go and enter the Happy World?

Be Grateful! 

I know it may sound lame but being grateful saves lots of dollars and makes us mentally happy! When we are grateful for the tiniest things in our lives, it makes our hearts full. Instead of comparing our lives with others and constantly living in competition and fear if the other person is going to do way better than you, be happy if others are doing well.

Be aware that everyone’s path is different and one day you too will attain the things and ambitions you desire. Once, you are grateful for everything you have, you’ll realise how fortunate you are and you will work towards being the best version of yourself daily:)

What am I grateful for? I am grateful to be ALIVE, to have food, water, place to sleep in and the people in my life. Trust me, not everything has the basic necessities like we do. So, appreciate what you have, let go of what’s not meant for you and receive what’s coming to you with open arms & positivity:)

Celebrate Small Successes! 

Most of the times we are unhappy as we doubt ourselves too much! We hardly take credit if something small goes our way due to our ability and talent. We tend to be only happy when we get promoted in our job, receive an award or praise from others. Other times, we are miserable and probably scolding ourselves why we miss out on certain things or why we don’t have certain skills to accomplish our goals. I have been there so my advice, have a BIG DREAM in mind, write small steps to move towards it.

For me, my dream is to make a career out of being a Social Media Fashion Influencer. Yes, it’s definitely difficult and sometimes I want to give up. Yet, I told myself to have small steps towards achieving this dream of mine. One of it is starting this Blog by writing about fashion and lifestyle. This is a small success that I celebrate as if you ask me 3 years ago, would I dare to have shared my Blog with others? My answer is NO. Now, I have got the confidence to share my Blog Posts and receive feedbacks to further improve on myself. So, celebrating small successes can be as simple as this!

You don’t need people to tell you are good in something. You need to have faith and believe in yourself! One of the ways is really to celebrate small successes you have done in your life. Every small success ultimately leads you to achieve your Dream one day! The next time you feel down about your ability, think about something you have done well that no one has praised you for, but it’s something you are proud of. That will certainly make you HAPPY and increase your confidence in yourself:)


I find that having “ME TIME” is very crucial as it not only makes you reflect about your day or life, you spend doing things you love and are passionate about! We are always busy helping, listening and being around our family, friends, colleagues, relatives and etc. At times, just spending time alone with yourself can actually be fun and relaxing.

I thought being alone in my company can be boring as I hardly do fun stuff. Oh was I so wrong! I realized when I often set aside some time just for myself, to do things that my friends or families are not interested in, I find peace within myself. I enjoy my company either just taking a stroll with nature, reading a book at a café or watching movies.

So, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and down, go out by yourself and do things that you like! Don’t feel shameful and worried that people might judge when you are alone. Remember, for your own mental peace and happiness, you got to do what makes you HAPPY. Spending time by yourself certainty helps you clear your mind and gives you a calming vibe:)

Random Acts of Kindness!

Surprisingly spreading kindness can indeed lift our spirits. Make it part of your routine to be kind to people around you, even strangers as you never know what problems they are facing in life and if they are having a really shitty day! It can be as simple as holding the lift for someone, helping someone who’s struggling to carry their things, giving up seats to those who need in the train and bus. I feel people think you have to do a HUGE KIND ACT then you will be remembered.

Yet, small acts do impact people too! Once I was on the train carrying many heavy plastic bags and standing. I was super exhausted with a long hectic day. A lady just randomly gave me her seat though I insisted I could stand. That made me feel very grateful as I didn’t really need a seat but she saw me probably struggling with many bags and wanted to do something nice for me. I still remember it till today and when I alighted, I gave my seat to an old lady. So, a small kind act can pass on rapidly like fire and you’ll never know how your act has impacted someone positively! Be polite, help whenever you can and that will bring a big SMILE on your face:)

SMILE More! 

I know it’s easier said than done! Trust me, I also lose my temper at times especially when I am tired. But, what I have realized is, for every minute you are angry, your facial features are affected, your heart pounds faster, and your body gets heaty. This leads to lots of health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, headaches, etc. With a smile even in a tensed situation, happy hormones are formed in your body, lessening these health issues.

The next time, someone or a situation makes you angry, frustrated or annoyed, try SMILING and dealing with it calmly. I tell you it will make you feel 10 years younger and happier with a peaceful self. Take every opportunity to SMILE instead of being angry, then you will notice the positivity you are oozing and people would definitely want to surround themselves around you! Why wait till tomorrow? Start SMILING today:)

These are just a few ways to keep yourself HAPPY and I’m sure some of you do other things to make your hearts full. Just remember, being HAPPY is the only thing you don’t have to pay at all with cash! Stay Happy, Spread Happiness & Positivity will be your Best Friend:)

All outfits from Pomelo Fashion with Smiley Collaboration from Zalora SG https://www.zalora.sg/catalog/?q=smiley

Cheers Parames!

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