LUSH STAY HOME Massage Therapy!

Having stiff muscles and body aches but cannot go for your massage with the current virus situation? Why not try home pampering with some of the best LUSH Massage items, that has worked wonders on my painful muscles! I decided to use 3 massage LUSH products which absolutely relaxes my muscles, the pain disappears and makes me feel so refreshed the next day!

Wiccy Magic Muscles…

Oh, this bar definitely is a magic spell! I find the combination of cinnamon and peppermint oil soothing for my muscles. I can feel the tightness of my muscles loosening up, while rubbing this massage bar on my neck, shoulders, arms and even my back.

This massage bar makes my skin super moisturized and smooth with its Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter! The only thing about this bar is that the cinnamon smell can be rather overpowering and oily on your body. I’m not really a cinnamon fan and only apply a little on my upper part of the body. Still, a little goes a long way!

A tip though, this bar melts very fast, so I put it in my fridge and take it out when I want to use it. You can view my Youtube Video on how to apply this Massage Bar on your body, just before your bed time!

No matter how achy your muscles are, Wiccy Magic Muscles Bar lets your pain all fly away the next morning:)

Feet Pampering…

LUSH has two feet lotions that helps your feet be in tiptop condition every day!

If you have cold and swollen feet, I recommend Pink Peppermint which is very good in calming your feet. I feel the peppermint boosts the circulation in my toes, warms my feet and reduces swelling. The peppermint scent can be rather strong but I like it as it unwinds me:)

What about red and tired feet, you might ask? For those of you who stand the whole day and your feet becomes exhausted, you can never go wrong with Softy !


Softy is a sweet treat with the Cocoa Butter and Marshmallow Root that softens and nourishes your feet. This is my favourite feet routine daily as I find it less creamer than Pink Peppermint and I’m very much attracted by its sweet smell! The lavender and bergamot relieves me and lets me have a good night sleep as well!

I apply my Foot Lotion as my last step, just before bed as if I walk with the lotion on my floor, it can be slippery! A tip, once you apply either one of these, wear socks overnight for refreshed and energized feet the next day:)

Hope you guys pamper yourself by having a good massage time using these LUSH products! You can also check out my Youtube Video (Massage Time with Lush). Take care and stay safe:)

Cheers Parames!

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