Stay Home Activity Ideas!

Now with the ongoing virus situation, staying home is the best way to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. I know staying home can be exhausting when we’re used to eating outside, chilling with friends and shopping. So, here are a few tips to make your stay home more enjoyable and fruitful:)

Netflix and Chill…

My biggest entertainment is Netflix as from Cartoons, to Kpop dramas, latest English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil movies, Stand up comedies, you name it, it’s all here!

I’m hardly addicted to Korean dramas but Crash Landing on You stole my heart with its comedy, drama and emotional scenes packed beautifully. A few other recommendations are Extraction, Lucifer, The Good Place, Friends, Jane the Virgin. All these has drama, action and of course comedy to unwind us! Chill with Netflix and maybe ice cream or popcorn to bring the theatre to your homes:)


If you’re someone like me who likes to exercise and you’re really feeling bored not being able to do your workout, fret not! I’m sharing with you a few ideas on the different types of workout and dance you can explore, just in the comfort of your bedroom.

Those of you gym goers, here are a few workout links I’ve been trying which tones my body: : 30 minutes Low Impact with a mixture of Cardio Dance & Workout : 50 minutes High Impact workout : 20 minute Medium Impact workout with weights.

Dance fans out there like me, Zumba and Bollywood songs are readily available in Youtube: : BollyX dance workouts are fun & you can continue their videos for all the famous songs in B Town! : 30 minutes Zumba workout

The best part about exercising at home is, it’s free, enjoyable and you can exercise like crazy as no one’s watching you! Check out my Instagram @fashiondiaryinspiration this coming weeks for some of my Dance videos:)


I find that reading calms my mind and brings me to an imaginary place, free of worries and stress. That’s why I started reading again during this stay home period. I like fantasy, comedy and drama books. Currently, I’m reading this book titled ‘New Beginnings’ and it’s a modern twist on the famous Pride and Prejudice story.

New Beginnings is rather captivating with lots of drama and comedy between two sisters and their interesting perspectives on marriages. I definitely recommend it and you can check it out through this link

Those of you with kids and want to occupy them, here’s a link for free audible stories

Reading can transport us to places far beyond what we expect and I feel it captures the hearts of all from young to old:)

DIY Crafts…

Now’s the time to try hands-on and see what you’re really good at! I’ve been doing some crafts like homemade skincare, using whatever items I have in my kitchen. It can be as simple as bananas, yogurt, milk and honey. I find that natural ingredients are way better as facial masks and cleansers!

Dalgona Coffee is trending now and I’ve got to say as a coffee lover, the whipped part is delicious! You can try Dalgona Chocolate which is sweet, sinful and lifts your spirits instantly! It’s simple to make and perks up your day at home! You can check out @fashiondiaryinspiration for more DIY Skincare products & Dalgona experience:)

Bored Games…

Bringing back the 90s memories with some of the best bored games ever! I like to play certain games like Snake and Ladders, Uno, Monopoly, which I played during my childhood days. These games are super fun and bonds us more as a family. You should try playing some bored games you have at home and you’ll realise its more entertaining than just staring at your handphones:)

I know some of you are already doing some of these stuff and more at home like baking and cooking. I just wanted to share some of the things that inspires me and keeps me away from my boredom at home! It’s very important especially now to do things that cheers us up:)

Stay home, Stay Healthy & Stay Cheerful guys:)

Cheers Parames!

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