Sleep Well with LUSH

Cannot seem to throw away your worries and have a good night’s sleep? What if I tell you, I can help you sleep like a log and feel refreshed the next day?

YES! I’m going to share with you some LUSH products which I use that makes me feel relax and sleep like a baby! Care to join me in my night routine?

The first item I use during my shower time, is the Sleepy Shower Gel. Omg, when I discovered this shower gel, I never miss my night showers without it! I mean the Sweet Tonka and Lavender washes away my worries instantly and calms my whole body. I bought the smallest bottle and it can last me up to a month plus!

Once I step out of my shower, what pairs perfectly with Sleepy Shower Gel is the Sleepy Body Lotion . I find that the Cocoa Butter and Oatmeal in this lotion, not only moisturizers my skin but also acts like a mini massage therapy for me.

I bought the smallest bottle to try and it can last me up to 2 months. I apply this lotion all over my body as I feel it relaxes my muscles, just ready for me to pop into my bed:)

Last but not the least, I spray the Comforter Body Spray on my pillows and blanket as I love the fruity and juicy fragrance in it. I was recommended Twilight Body Spray but I prefer Comforter as I’m a fan of blackcurrant and sweet smell.

Comforter Body Spray is actually the latest launched Spray collection in LUSH and it can last up to 6 months. I’m so glad I got it, as now I cannot sleep without it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this short post and the items will help you have a relaxed sleep. You can watch my Youtube video for more LUSH products I apply before sleeping like a baby:)

(This is not a Sponsored Post! )

Cheers Parames:)

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