Shopping Haul from DEAR LYLA…

I love exploring new Blog Shops and my latest find is DEAR LYLA, based in Singapore. Instantly, I felt attracted with their vibrant colours, distinctive designs and affordable prices! I LOVE how the two items I bought, can be styled in 5 different ways and still look new as ever:)

I definitely had to get a piece from their newest collection and my eyes fell on this Kayla Flutter Midi Skirt (White) which I’m wearing in size L and fits me perfectly.

I always believe you need to have a white skirt in your wardrobe as it’s classic and matches with any top effortlessly. But, this white skirt comes with Ruffles at the bottom, giving the trendy vibe. Not to mention, it makes the whole look graceful, flaunting just a little of the leg!

This skirt is very versatile and can be worn in 3 ways, depending on the top you choose. My first look is with a Crop top and probably a clutch. I feel this look can be for formal events where you want to be elegant:)

My second look is with a Tee Shirt, Bag pack and Sneakers. Obviously this is for casual days either at work or school, where you just want to dress down, but still look nice and fashionable:)

My third look is with a tank top and vest, paired with a clutch and heels. I feel this outfit is more for days where you want to chill out after work, at nights:)

This skirt also comes in Black Floral for those of you looking for a bold and loud outfit. I prefer the white, to keep it simple yet chic!

How about a casual dress that you can wear anywhere and feel completely comfortable in it?

My next pick is this Lily Polka Dot Button Down Dress (Green) and I’m wearing size L as usual! Why green you might ask? Since, I’m always going for unique colours, I find olive green rather fascinating and fun to style!

My first look is the easiest, where I just pair this dress with a clutch and platforms. I feel this look is for days where I want to run errands and wear something sweet, with the bows at the sides of the sleeves:)

With a Buttons Down Dress like this, I added an extra edge by styling it as an outerwear, with a tank top dress and a thin belt. I feel this look can be worn on days where you want to keep it semi casual, either at work or school:)

I hope you guys enjoyed my various style tips with the Dress and White Skirt I bought from DEAR LYLA. Just head down to their online shop and I’m sure you’ll be spoilt by their amazing collection of fashionable Dresses, Tops and Bottoms for pocket friendly prices!

P.S: These pics are all taken in my house. Waiting to wear these outfits once Lockdown is over:)

Take care & Happy Shopping:)

(This is not a sponsored post!)

Cheers Parames!

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