Sneaker Game with Kintasin!

My latest collaboration is with Kintasin which caters to Sporty fans out there! I’m more of a Heels person but when I came across Kintasin’s sneakers, I was very tempted as it’s cool and trendy. So, I thought why not work out fashionably right?

Kintasin has the coolest sportswear from comfortable sports bra to leggings to sports shoes and unique Tee shirts. If you love working out, do treat yourself and use my code Parames to get 20% discount when you shop here:)

I went for this pair of Rose Gold Sneakers, which is sold out yet I still wanted to share my reviews on it. I find it light when I walk in it and the heels part is rather unique to these sneakers. I can wear it for Spring and Winter weathers as it comes with fleece soles, that will definitely keep me warm.

Unfortunately now with the virus situation, I’m unable to travel and Singapore is such a humid place. How will I wear these sneakers you might ask? Well, with the heels it’s not really workout comfortable but I can wear it for casual outings, when I’m going to be in aircon places!

I’m glad now Kintasin offers more workout comfy sneaker shoes which are also suitable for hiking. Here’s some of my favourites!

Hope you’re tempted by Kintasin’s sportswear especially their sneakers as it’s light and comfortable. You can grab one of these and use it for your home workout and exercise sessions until you’re able to go out again:)

Take care, Stay Healthy and Safe Guys!


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