2 Trends to Embrace from Love & Bravery this Season! 

Online Shopping has been my new hobby to destress ever since I been staying at home. Not being able to go into fitting rooms and try out new clothes kinda sucks. But the next best alternative is Love and Bravery’s attractive weekly launches! I feel this season’s two trends from here which screams loudly to me are Denims and Pops of Colour:) 


Denims never goes out of fashion! It’s classic, trendy and complements most garments perfectly.

My first pick has to be this Flutter Crop Top I’m wearing in Size L https://www.loveandbravery.com/product/delisia-flutter-sleeve-top

I love the versatility in this Crop Top, matching my high waisted pants, skirts and shorts so well. I can easily create various new looks with it and the fluffy sleeves adding an extra classy image. You can see 6 looks in my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYArQrCWPvQ

I also like how this Crop Top is loose at the right parts so that chubby people like me can breathe in it. I find some crop tops extremely tight fitting, uncomfortable and the worry of it tearing any time! Haha! Real concerns babes!

Having a Denim Dress in your wardrobe is always a plus point for Casual Days:)

Buttons Down Denim Dress which I’m wearing in Size L, gives a vintage and chic vibe: https://www.loveandbravery.com/product/adriel-denim-buttondown-dress-w-sash

This dress is definitely simple to wear for work at home, your Zoom meetings or catching a break with some Netflix like me! But this dress has a thick material, so I tend to perspire a lot just with a fan in my room. If you have aircon, then the material will not bother you!

Pops of Colour…

Vibrant colours never fail to steal my heart every single time!

I’m glad Love and Bravery has chosen to broaden its colour range and embracing pops of colour like this A Line Green Dress, I’m wearing in Size L: https://www.loveandbravery.com/product/shanzie-trapeze-dress

I love the unique cut in neckline and smooth material which is super comfortable to wear even for my Simple Yoga poses!

However, I hooked a pin behind my dress as L size fits bigger than usual and I wanted the dress to fit me better. I recommend an M size if you want it to be more tight fitting. Of course, this dress is for both stay home and work wear:)

Not forgetting this Pink Abstract Midi Dress that perks up my day instantly: https://www.loveandbravery.com/product/mindy-abstract-midi-dress-w-sash

Basically, it’s a Maxi Dress for me since I’m short yet I’m not complaining as I love every bit of the prints! I feel abstract prints are fun, cheerful and speaks a lot about your personality.

So, if you wanna let loose, abstract prints will say it for you! No doubt, I’m winding down with Snacks and my Oreo/Twirl Popsicle Making day which you can catch on my Instagram @fashiondiaryinspiration https://www.instagram.com/fashiondiaryinspiration/?hl=en

I hope to have inspired you guys to keep up with these fashion trends & treat yourselves to a few stylish clothes from Love and Bravery that you can wear even at home, to lift your moods up with this Lockdown:)

Hoping to go out soon & take pictures. Till then, you have to endure my room pictures!

Stay Safe & Healthy Loves!

Cheers Parames:)

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