EWELYNI Clutch World!

Clutches are trendy right now as they’re small, light and classy. So, I’m very glad to have collaborated with EWELYNI since their clutches are fashionable and can be flaunted from morning to night look!

Their Yarm Bag which I purchased, is on SALE now and you can use my code Parames35 for extra 35% off when you shop here: https://www.ewelyni.com

I was attracted by this Circular Yarm Clutch which I find rather unique and adorable. The interesting thing is, I can fit all my things in this clutch like my small umbrella, wallet, phone and a lipstick! Amazing for a small clutch like this right?

Not to mention, this Yarm Clutch is super versatile and complements almost all my outfits pretty well! From casual pants, to skirts and dresses, this clutch speaks stylish in any attire:)

It is also multifunctional as I can carry it for casual work days in a sling, brunch dates, evening outings and for party time!

If you’re someone who have not found the perfect clutch to fit your wardrobe, you have to pop by EWELYNI as their clutch collection is simply stunning for all occasions. Plus, using my code is an extra treat for you:)

Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy Guys!

(This is not a Sponsored Post)

Cheers Parames:)

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