Neon fashion has evolved over the years from being tacky and loud to stylish and trendy! I feel wearing Neon colours are super fun but can be tricky to match and go unnoticed on a daily basis. So, if you want to let go and try something new, exploring Neon with me, is a great start:)

My first Neon Journey began when I discovered this Neon Floral Skirt from Bershka Collection and I knew I had to grab it, no matter how I struggle to pair it with!

Honestly, I took some time to figure out what goes well with this Orange, skirt since most of the items in my closet consist of bright colours. In the end, I settled for a similar Neon Orange Crop top as I found crop tops would be the best focus for this skirt.

This whole outfit may seem like it’s a long dress but in actual fact, it’s a top and a skirt. I feel this is one of the ways to style a Neon piece when you’re going all out for it!

Obviously, I didn’t want to spoil the look by adding more Neon items. Instead, I chose a Neutral Blue Clutch from Guess and a Black Pumps from CharlesandKeith

Unfortunately, this whole look has been sold out but I’ve linked similar items, above for you! You can also pick Black, White, Forest Green and Navy Blue Crop Tops for this Neon Orange Skirt:)

When it comes to Neon, I never fail to go for the classic Fuchsia! You may think it’s extremely perky and a definite No for your lifestyle. Here’s a little secret I like to tell you about Fuchsia. I feel Fuchsia brings out elegance and oozes sexiness! So, for special occasions or a date where you want to impress the guy, Fuchsia will be a hit!

This Neon Fuchsia Dress from Vicidolls is comfortable, chic and one of my favourites. I like the simple pearls at the side, giving a formal and classy look. Vicidolls has the most unique poppy colour outfits which I adore and I’m always tempted by:)

I tried to create the Bold and Vivid vibe by complementing this Fuchsia Dress with Neon Yellow Clutch from Aldo and Neon Blue Sandals from Melissa Shoes

Beginner’s luck? If you’re worried you will be in the limelight and not comfortable with such attention, my advice is start small with Fuchsia items. Either a top, bottom or dress and pair it with black and white accessories and I’m sure you will feel confident, sexy and hip. Who knows, you might end up loving Neon and wear it on a daily basis! I mean if not now, when are you going to try fashion out of your comfort zone right?

P.S: Do check out my Instagram next week on how I style a Neon Shorts in 6 ways from Formal to Casual looks:)

Take care, Stay Happy & Awesome:)

Cheers Parames:)

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