My Top 5 Netflix List!

Ever since Quarantine started and theatres being closed, I’ve been quite a Netflix Junkie! Without watching a little of Netflix, there’s no way I’m falling asleep each night. I guess Netflix has become my favourite escape place now with this whole pandemic taking over our lives in unexpected ways. If you think Netflix is boring, I’m here to prove you wrong with my top 10 list ranging from comedy to drama, action and more:)

5) Indian Matchmaking!

Okies, I thought I will hate this reality show but OMG I got completely hooked onto Season 1 and cannot wait for Season 2! I like how the Matchmaker meets both the guy and girl, get a sense of their personality and preferences, then she will connect them together for meetups. So, it’s like Tinder Premium with extra added features. This show totally brings me back to my dating days (not many pleasant ones haha) but the realization that it’s tough being single out there but if you’re willing to expand your social circle, you’ve got hope of finding a companionship.

I also like how the Indian society’s perspective in viewing courtship and marriage has gradually evolved for the better (unlike my parents days where the 1st person you met you had to marry). Yet, I’m still not supportive on how women are considered to be arrogant and not being able to comprise when she rejects 1 or 2 guys as opposed to guys who can reject up to 50 girls and still not considered egoistic or having high expectations. We are in the 21st century where men and women are equal and these boundaries still exist, which kind of upsets me! Just some of my thoughts after watching this show, which you can completely disagree and that’s why it’s the lowest rank for me.

4) Bad Boys for Life!

Well, you need no introduction for the Bad Boys pair as when they’re together, its nothing but action and comedy! Will Smith and his partner still cracks me up and their fighting and car chasing scenes, taken super stylishly. I particularly like the few twists and turns in this plot which really sets you at the edge of your seats! Of course, the places like Mexico and America craves me to want to travel again. But for now, I will stick to picture scenery:)

3) Desperados!

It’s pretty obvious the main character is desperately trying to prove something here in this romantic comedy. She’s a single lady in her 30s, figuring out her career and personal life by going for countless dates. Suddenly, one day she meets her perfect guy, handsome, tall, smart, funny, all the package ya! So, she acts perfect around him. Then she makes one mistake when she’s drunk and travels so far to amend this mistake with her friends. I like how her friends make her realise life’s not perfect and she doesn’t have to be perfect, to be accepted by the people around her. Yes, many times we are trying to be perfect in who we are and what we do. Yet, we miss the chances to be truly ourselves. Just be yourself and your loved ones will accept you for yourself:)

2) Babysitter Club!

This drama is perfect if you need some light hearted story with lots of positivity and friendship, beautifully tied together. At first, I thought it was just going to be a bunch of teenage girls complaining about their lives and being grumpy.

I was proved absolutely wrong, when these girls came together with a purpose of fulfilling their passion of being fun babysitters! I love how they worked together through all odds to overcome difficult times together. It was really nice to see there’s never a ‘I’ in me but a ‘we’ in me when you’re struggling. Basically you’re never alone with friends. Something we all should remember during difficult times like these:)

1) Kissing Booth 2!

Well well, no doubt the guy is dashing and to die for, if you have seen the earlier movie. In this romantic comedy, I like how the small town simple girl deals with long distance relationship with her high school’s heartthrob. Long distance is never easy and this movie convinces us it’s possible with a leap of faith and lots of trust in each other.

It reminds me to listen to the other side of the story without jumping into conclusions. Not forgetting that a guy can still be best friends with a girl and they can have a platonic relationship, with good communication:)

There are so many upcoming good releases that I cannot wait to watch like Lucifer’s Season 5, Seriously Single, Work it and Kimmy Interactive which I will be reviewing through my Instagram Stories this week (@fashiondiaryinspiration). Don’t miss it:)

Till then, take care, stay safe & happy Netflixing:)

Cheers, Parames:)

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